First Week of Training Camp: Notes from Flowery Branch

Falcons Training camp started almost a week ago, I was lucky to attend the camp for 4 days. Here is the week 1 report with the pics from Falcons Training camp. I focused mostly on the competition at 4/5 WR,OL,LB,TE and the DL.

Best Catch of the camp:

Julio Jones and Brent Grimes are both awesome and Grimes can jump as high as Julio. Here is the best catch of the camp so far.

Fourth Wide Receiver:

The fourth WR will be Kerry Meier given that he caught everything thrown around him and is a good special teams player. It was fun to watch Meier getting the best of Asante Samuel in the 3rd down drills. Meier also caught some under thrown or thrown behind balls, he could be used as a possession receiver(think Brian Finneran) on 3rd downs to keep the chains moving. Here is the video with Kerry Meier's pictures

Julio Jones:

Julio Jones has been absolute beast in the training camp. Julio and Ryan never connected on the deep ball in last years training camp, but that has all changed this year. Ryan to JJ in the 30-40 yard range throws have been on the money. Another video with pictures of Julio's catches are here.

Offensive Line:

The offensive line is probably still in transition with various combinations of players being tried at different positions. The first team on the OL so far has been Garret Reynolds at RG,McClure at Center(90% snaps), Joe Hawely (20%), Tyson Clabo(90%), Justin Blalock and Sam Baker and Svitek at RT(10%). In the Second team,Konz is the RG,Joe Hawely the Center,Svitek the LT,Mike Johnson at RT. Konz is getting reps at Center with the third team. Holmes is slowly ramping up mainly in the walk through sessions, however Pat hill is paying good attention to what he is doing. Here is a video of pat Hill and the OL pictures from the camp.


Safeties have been the bright spot in the secondary so far in the camp. William Moore and Thomas Decoud have talked about being aggressive in the Nolan's scheme, that was apparent in the first few days of the camp. Here is the video with William Moore and Decoud's pictures.

Fifth Wide Receiver:

The battle for the fifth Wide Receiver is probably the hardest fight in the roster. At this moment the front runners are Kevin Cone and Drew Davis. Cone is a fan favorite and faster of the two guys,however he doesn't have soft hands. There were couple of drops which were picked up after cone couldn't control the ball. Drew Davis has been pretty consistent and beat Franks couple of days in a row for easy TD. James Rodgers is the wild card as Mike Smith had said special teams play is more important for the 5th WR. I feel bad for Rodgers because its John Parker Wilson overthrowing him on almost every opportunity he gets.Here is the video with Kevin Cone and Drew Davis catches.

Line Backers:

Spoon and Nicholas are the LB in the Nickel package. Dent and Robert James are getting some reps with the first team at MLB when 3 LB are on the field. Robert James is not going to let his roster spot go to some one else, he made couple of nice plays which resulted in interceptions. Here is the Video with pictures of LB corps. Harris is a wild card but can he do enough to take Robert James Spot?

Roddy White:

Roddy White hasn't dropped catch on the days I was at Flowery Branch. Roddy White caught couple of nice deep balls in the end zone and has been clutch in the third down drills. With a good offseason Roddy White might be back to his 2010 form. Here is the Video of Roddy White.

Harry Douglas:

This offseason Harry Douglas has bulked up, he looks strong and fast. The stiff arm by Harry Douglas on Dunta Robinson and WIlliam Moore was fun to watch. I haven't seen Harry Douglas being Physical in last 3 or 4 years, hopefully Dirk Koetter will use him more in the passing game.Here is stronger and faster Harry Douglas Video with pictures.

Tony Gonzalez:

How many times have we seen Tony Gonzalez make catches with LB and Safeties hanging over him? TG is doing just that at the training camp, he might have lost a step but he is smarter and doesn't let the defenders bat the ball from his hands. His work ethic is second to none, You could see Gonzalez practicing different moves while other players on the sideline taking a break during the walk throughs. Here is the Video of Tony Gonzalez making some clutch catches.

John Abraham:

John Abraham is another ageless wonder on the roster, he has been good in the camp and made some jaw dropping plays. Here is the picture of John Abraham going up to bat down a pass at the Line of Scrimmage.

Franks seems to have regressed from a disastrous play off game against the Giants. Drew Davis,Kevin Cone,Lamark Brown all beat him for long gains on short passes. Franks had a pick six but he has been beat consistently.

I haven't covered DL and Backup TE in this post, If you need more information ask away in the comments.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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