Donny's Atlanta Falcons 2013 Mock Draft (4 Rounds)

Hey all, I'm bored and after reading through the comments on my Mock Draft, and considering that I doubt the Falcons will switch to a 3-4 anytime soon. I've decided to add several more rounds to the Draft, however this is bound to change as the year and both college and professional football seasons progress.

Round 1: DT Kawann Short (Purdue) - 6'3 310 lbs

Kawann has rare pass rushing ability coveted by the 4-3 scheme and will be what Peria Jerry was suppose to be back in 2009. Posting back to back 6 sack seasons as a interior pass rusher is very impressive, Short has shown to be a consistent and efficient interior pass rusher and could serve as a great compliment to emerging star Corey Peters, and gives us an excellent interior defensive line tandem for years to come. Let's face it, it doesn't seem as if Jerry will ever live up to his first round status, especially after mangling his knee. Kawann gives us a fresh start.

Round 2: DE Delvin Taylor (South Carolina) - 6'7 248 lbs

A possible sleeper in the draft, Taylor saw less play in 2011 while competing for playing time against first round pick Melvin Ingram and freshman Clowney, even so, Taylor has still managed to rack up 7.5 sacks; the same amount he posted his sophomore season in 2010. Taylor could push into first round consideration with a double digit season in the sacks department. A speed rusher, Taylor could take over as our pass rush specialist and finally replace Abraham. Taylor could be a great value here as the 2013 draft is shaping up to be deep at the DE position this year.

Round 3: RB Cameron Marshall (Arizona State) - 5'11 223 lbs

Turner showed a lot of wear and tear down the stretch in the 2011 season. Marshall, a power back with excellent vision and cutting ability broke out last year with a 1,050 yards rushing, 4.6 ypc, and 18 touchdowns. Marshall has the ability to be a 3 down back in the NFL, and could be a great compliment to the elusive Rodgers.

Round 4: LB Rico Johnson (Alabama) - 6'3 245 lbs

Johnson, who shared a starting position with C.J. Mosley, is an athletic linebacker who can play both inside or outside linebacker, Johnson will be coming out of a great program which has produced a number of quality defenders over the past few years. Johnson is expected to start on the inside for the Crimson Tide in 2012. Johnson is a solid linebacker with the athleticism to play both inside and outside linebacker and will provide depth for a rather thin linebacker corps and could compete with either Dent or Nicholas for their jobs.

Why not double dip on the defensive line? We have to find either Abraham's successor or a great interior defensive lineman, why not get both? I know it's tough to judge the draft class right now, however, it certainly seems that the 2013 Draft will be quite deep at DE. Since 2000, the falcons have spent several first round picks on defensive linemen; 2007 first round pick Jamaal Anderson and 2009 first round pick Peria Jerry. Both have not lived up to their first round status. Perhaps this time around, things will be different.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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