Brees, Saints endanger game that makes them rich

Bart Township sits in the southeastern part of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. The total land area is just over 16 square miles. Amish country, home of the museum dedicated to the 15th President of the United States, James Buchanan. The museum, Wheatland, is almost alone in remembering the presidency of the man who immediately preceded someone by the name of Abraham Lincoln as president of the pre-civil war, somewhat United States of America.

On 2 October, 2006 Charles Roberts, the 33 year-old son of a retired police officer, joined his wife in walking their children to the bus stop in Lancaster county. His wife reported that she last saw him at about 0845 that morning. At 1026, a heavily armed Roberts backed the pickup truck he drove up to the entrance and entered the West Nickle Mines School in Bart Township as the Amish students were returning from recess. He ordered the boys at gunpoint to assist him in bringing weapons and barricading materials into the school. The teacher and her mother escaped the school at this time. Roberts ordered all of the girls to line up against the blackboard. By the time the day was over ten girls between the ages of six and thirteen had been shot, five fatally. Roberts later committed suicide.

The Pennsylvania State Police officer who was in charge of dealing with Roberts was Jeffery Miller who'd been a member of the force since 1984. He also was a former member of the New England Patriots...At the time Miller, a Colonel was commissioner of the State Police. After retirement from the force Jeffrey Miller accepted a position with, the National Football League in its security department. This in the post 9/11 environment. He serves as 'Director of Strategic Security'

I liked Drew Brees. In person he's friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Interest in military matters, hard not to like. I also liked DeMaurice Smith. Extremely sharp with service at two high powered and politically connected Washington law firms. I had worked previously for Democrats and Republicans, in Washington and New York. You see a few (or in my case since a tornado went down Mt. Paran, many) grey hairs and you want to do the right thing. If you read me here last year you know, I'm a players guy. I did and do fully support the players and I've had guys that I've counted as friends die early, most notably the former Rams WR, Ron Jessie who at that time was the head of the NFL Alumni.

DeMo (Smith) is kind of different for me. His firms have represented such clients as MGM, Bayer, Eli Lily. Partners at his two firms include Bruce Babbitt, former Governor of Arizona, and some of their interests include the Iran Policy Committee which wants to "free" Iran. Including people who own "private military" corporations. Oh yeah, they exist.

Conspiracies do exist and are possible but not in this case. If it wasn't for NFLPA I'd have gone my entire life and never met one of the "Morganettes"


let's look at something here. There are over 15,000 pages of evidence against the Saints. That's eight and a half pages per player if you include all 1600+ players in the league.

To what end? Besmirch (as opposed to regular "smirch") opinions of Johnathan Vilma and Scott Fujita?!! WHO?

Against the team that the league bent over backwards to help?? Who kept Tom Benson from moving the team? How is it that a state, near the bottom in education can close schools, possibly including the Med school at LSU, but give the Saints millions per year to keep them in the Mercedes dome?

If anything the Saints have become a league favorite. The Saints and members of their staff were investigated by the DEA.

Drug and painkiller overuse was one of the overlooked parts of the O.J. Simpson trial and is no secret unless you're looking for the networks to investigate. The league has it's sordid side. Rams players always thought that Georgia Frontiere (married six times) murdered "CR" (Rams owner Carrol Rosenbloom, who drowned in his pool), former Eagles owner Norman Braman was a degenerate gambler. The NFL has had awful owners and you're telling us Drew, Johnathan and Scott that the NFL has it out for you?

Former FBI agents, federal prosecutors, chiefs of police who comprise NFL security have it out for you. You? Well then, 'scuse me..

Let's get real on this. Don't make the entire 2012 season about you. Every national telecast has to have a "Saints" moment. If nothing was wrong then nobody has to be caught lying do they?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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