The Flavor of Fans at the Falcoholic

As some of you remember 16 months ago I made a "temporarily leave of absence" from this blog, siting both person depression and indirectly saying not liking how many members of this blog felt about the Falcons and would jump off about the team and not believing in the franchise.

I can honestly say that neither of those have changed, and perhaps if any...gotten worse.

Yet I'm here? Why? Boredom I guess, and I got nothing better to do with my time in life.

Maybe that is against the rules here at the Falcoholic but again until I'm banning I might be hanging around like that rooster that's in our (my parents) yard for the last week, until someone shoots it or it gets ran over or die from a lack of inseminating hen eggs. Memorial Day is coming up...I wonder.

Any who. I can't speak for the fans of the Saints, Bucs, Panthers, Packers, Ravens, Rams, Patriots, Chargers, Colts, Redskins, and so on.

But what I do know is in general, Falcons fans are very distrusting of their team. They don't believe they are trying to win. Same ole Falcons, that don't care about the fans, they are only trying to make money.

Now I will admit that if I must play the race card, I do by default live, and work around nothing but African American people (Black), and around such people that's the general sentiment.

I think around other ethnicity the mood is less pessimistic and critical but still a degree of each.

For whatever reason they seem to have more faith in the Hawks or at least criticize them less.

Today at work one guy mentioned that you have to have a guy with a little thug in them to be successful in a nutshell. "Name one team that recently won a superbowl without guys with a little thug in them"

I answered Green Bay. Or at least I don't see them as thug, as Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, and those two corners seem to be pretty respectful.

And that's what I read here on the Falcoholic. That we need to get rid of this good guy philosophy, and take chances on trouble players.

Why? Because a trouble player usually means he's really good athlete and will probably be the next Deion Sanders (not that he's or any of the following are troubled players themselves), Randy Moss, Osi Umeniyora, Desean Jackson, Megatron, James Harrison, maybe even Michael Vick minus the Dogfighting.

But a trouble guy with all the allocates and very athletic, cocky, arrogant, means that your Team's owner actually cares about you the fans, and are trying to do something to bring a championship.

During a draft you got to draft what ESPN and all the draft gurus say will be the next HOF guy. Otherwise your draft will suck, and your GM/Owner don't know what they are doing.

Even either Chuck and Chernoff or was it Buck and Kincade don't like the Team Captain thing and are sick of it.

Why should the University of Georgia drug test their players after spring break when they don't have to? You'll just end up suspending the best players.

It's the way it is and I might well get used to it.

The beauty of the internet and this blog is you don't know the ethnicity of the members, so I don't know how many of your are Black, White, Asian, Indian, Latin, or whatever. Therefore I can't measure how that plays a role about how you feel about the Falcons.

I also don't know the gender of any of you. Some of you could be women, and we not know it.

I don't know the age of many of you. Some of you i know have watched the Falcons long before I was born, and I'm not used to that since my parents are in their 60's and don't know a lick about a computer, much less the internet, and always have to ask me how to use certain features on their phones.

Is my view of Falcons Fanhood warped due to the fact that I am not well rounded?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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