My Take on the 2012 Draft - Why no Tight End???

I know a lot of people on this blog aren't thrilled with the way this draft has gone as TD in our eyes pulled out some head scratchers at first glance.

While others have simply warmed up to it once doing some research or ironically cooling off about it.

I find myself moreso in the latter of the two.

In in my opinion after I looked over the final tally of who The Falcons Drafted, I think they got addressed all the needs for the team.

DE/LB Johnathan Massaquoi

SS/FS Charles Mitchell

C/OG Peter Konz

LT Lamar Holmes

Bonuses with DT Travian Robertson and FB Brady Ewing.

This was a Matt Ryan Draft to get heavy upfront and protect #2 so he can stay upright and throw the ball down the field and be more explosive!

In addition the UDFA (for the upcoming mini camps) looks like there is some real talent with

QB Casey Therriault and Dominique Davis

S Chad Faulcon

DE Louis Nzegwu

WR James Rodgers

These guys sound like gems in the rough and steals fighting uphill battles that should make things more interesting.

All except Tight End. Although there was a guy on the UDFA Adam Nissley, and maybe more coming along.

But why no Tight End?

Well I was beginning to think that maybe...just maybe the Falcons simply do not see Tight End as a need.

Infact, maybe Tight End isn't really a grand part of their offense at'tall.

In 2008 the Falcons offense was about as fluid as I've ever seen in a refreshing and finesse way with a rookie QB.

Now it wasn't Elite nor stellar, but it had the potential to be explosive with only one star receiver and running back. In that year Tight End was a rare find.

In comes 2009 and Tony Gonzalez. Looking to open up the offense more.

Although Gonzalez made some clutch catches, our offense kinda took a step back for the next two years and became a dink and dunk kinda thing.

Take away Tony Gonzalez, and what Tight End behind him really stands out?

No one really, I mean maybe Michael Palmer or Ryan Winterswyk, but you be lucky to hear his name one in a quarter of a season.

When Gonzalez was used he was moreso of a slot receiver over the middle. A position that could be replaced by a traditional receiver.

Tight End has never been an integral part of this offense, and maybe it still won't be with Dirk Koetter. I think in Jacksonville Mercedes Lewis was used as a Wide Receiver practically.

Instead we might find Jacquizz Rodgers, Jason Snelling, and Bradie Ewing, among a few others, involved in screen passes, or dump offs over the middle in the short field. Essentially replacing the need for a Tight End.

If I'm not mistaken these three guys can occasionally block. But then again TEs are rarely asked to block anymore.

So there you have it. The Draft was not sexy with no first or fourth. 2013 should for now feature all 7 rounds of selections at our disposal until further notice. The line gets beefed up, Ryan gets a screen option and the RB gets Ovie's successor to lead block. The Defense gets more nastier. And a position maybe phased out. I mean why draft a guy if you might not use him that much?

What do you guys think?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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