Updated Mock

I'm not going to do a actual mock given the fact that my last mock could still happen. I will however give a list of players I would like or could see us drafting today in the 2nd or 3rd.

Some positions will be left off early(QB,CB,etc.)


Coby Fleener/TE: Long shot but I wouldn't put it past TD to trade up a little to get the best TE in this draft.

Dwayne Allen/TE: Not my first choice but his value could be too good to pass up at 55.

Cordy Glenn/OG: Some see him as a OT but IMO he fits better at OG. Again a long shot.

Brandon Thompson/DT: Rumors are the Falcons really like this guy. Wouldn't be my first choice but his value is good at 55.

Mike Adams/OT: My least favorite choice. Has red flags and really isn't that strong. He could be a viable back up but why risk it in the 2nd.

Mitchell Schwartz/OT: Again not the biggest fan of Schwartz. He would however be a better pick than lets say Massie or Adams.

Jon Martin/OT: Another long shot, he could go to Stl. at 33. I really would be shocked if TD traded up for him.

Kelechi Osemele/OG: Ehhh. He is ok. He'll be a decent starter but that's it.

Amini Silatolu/OG: My pick for OG if we go that direction. Dude plain and simple is big and nasty. Brings back memories of Dahl with this dude.

Brandon Brooks/OG: More of reach here but a solid prospect. Nothing special.

Kendall Reyes/DT: Could be in play but I doubt he slips. Would be a nice pick up at 55.

Andre Branch/DE: Doubt he falls but hey anything can happen. More of a one trick pony as of now but that one trick we desperately need. Pass rushing.

Vinny Curry/DE: Boy do I hope he falls in striking distance. More of an complete DE. While not really athletic as some other DE's, he is savy and has a crazy motor.

Chris Polk/RB: Again long shot. More in the sense that we don't take a RB this high and frankly there are better options than Polk out there at RB.

Lamar Miller/RB: Again I doubt we go this direction but you can never count out a U RB. So I won't with Miller who is a better compliment to MT than Quizz.

Peter Konz/OC: Doubt he makes it past 40 but he could be in play for us. Best center in the draft.

Ben Jones/OC: A bit of a reach. I've seen some mocks where they have him going as late as the 5th. We could possibly trade down and grab him since he is a great prospect and we have the need.

George Iloka/S: A big safety who is solid against the run but suspect against the pass. No go for me.

Lavonte David/OLB: Doubt he falls. Really not a need for us but his value would be too good to pass up.


Alameda Ta'amu/NT: My choice for our 2nd round pick. Big, athletic, nasty NT to anchor our D line. Hope we go this direction.

Cyrus Gray/RB: Best RB in the draft outside of Richardson IMO. Quick, shifty, and a great pass blocker he can contribute from Day 1.

Cam Johnson/DE: If we do miss out on Curry or just go a different direction he could be plan B in the 3rd.

Orson Charles/TE: Once ranked as the best TE in the draft has seen his stock slip. A better WR than TE he could contribute in the red zone right away.

Ladarius Greeen/TE: A lot of guys like him but he is also a better WR than TE. He will be a beast going deep and in the red zone but that's about it.

Jeff Allen/OT: Better OG than OT but he would be a solid pick in the 3rd.

Jake Bequette/DE: More savy than athletic would be another good fall back guy if we miss out on Curry or Branch.

Mychal Kendricks/ILB: On the short side for a LB, he does have decent instincts. To me he doesn't present a better array of skills to beat out Tatupu or Dent so why waste a high pick?

Tyrone Crawford/OLB: More of a 3-4 OLB but he could be in play for us. A good pass rusher and underrated in the running game should be just as good as he counter part in Chicago.

Demario Davis/OLB: Hoping he falls to us in the 5th but we could play it safe and draft him here. He can play inside or out and is a beast.

So there are a few of the players I like and think we might target tonight.

Feel free to discuss.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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