Pre-Draft Speculation Thread

Created this to see everybody's (realistic) scenarios on potential movings and shakings that would affect draft day. I've got quite a few of my own after the jump.

1) The one that's on everybody's mind - Grimes being traded: Let's face it, Grimes screwed the pooch. He and his agent were adamant they weren't signing the tender. He thought he was the one we couldn't live without and the former NFL Europe star was all poised to hold out until we reached a long term deal with him. And then he heard we were getting Samuel. Whoopsies. Dude came crawling back faster than if a cheating ex-wife hears you hit the lotto. Make no mistake about it, there are plenty of teams that'll take Grimes on his current one year tender in hopes of extending, especially some contenders. I can definitely see a scenario where if Detroit , Denver, or Tennessee don't get their guy in the first that they come calling to TD about Grimes. After all, a draft is forthcoming where people are looking to make Stephen Giilmore a top 10 pick. Stephen Gilmore isn't a top 10 pick in his own dreams. If a team is willing to overshoot on Gilmore, I have no doubts whatsoever what they'd be willing to ship our way for Grimes. Our GM just got a stud for a 7th rounder. A 2nd or 3rd for Grimes isn't out of the question.

Then there is the extreme wildcard: The Minnesota Vikings. These guys want to compete and I know they see themselves getting back to where they were in 2009 sometime soon. They've been making ALOT of posturing with their pick and Morris Claiborne. They could just be fronting to see if a team will send an extreme haul in return, or they could indeed draft Kalil, where I do believe Grimes could intrigue them. This scenario would be some supreme strikeback for all Falcons fans, as Mrs. Grimes would be learning a lesson that the grass is not always greener. This would also greatly diminish her chances of getting on one of those Housewife shows. Good thing Brent signed that tender, because he is solely our property now where we could do whatever we please and deem better for the sake of the franchise.

Chances of happening: 45%. I understand trading somebody on their tender is slim, but I really think management has been put off by what's been going on with Grimes. They know they can't allocate 25M for three corners next year, so this would be something to look into.

2) Something I can see happening, but not as likely as the 1st - Turner being traded: I'd think a team would be willing to part ways with maybe a 4th. To be honest, I really don't believe what I just typed. It probably would be more along the lines of a 5th. Although Turner has had decent production, he'll be hitting a wall soon, and when he hits it it'll be hard. Warrick Dunn hard. Again, this is another option that is better than anything a contender like the Lions currently have. If they don't like what they see happening draft night they could come calling.

Chances of happening: 5%. Again, not really sure this ever comes to fruition. I have seen/heard stranger things i.e. a possible Mark Sanchez trade for the Jets.

3) Shocker of the day - Decoud gets dealt: Hang in there with me on this one. I'm of the belief that Decoud was signed because there were very little alternatives on the market. People are quick to bring up Decoud's numbers to prove he wasn't that bad when it comes to coverage, and I'll give you that. My problem is that many a time it was boom or bust with him. Usually he makes tackles at the second level, meaning if he misses that tackle or takes the wrong angle its six points for the opposition. His new contract is also very team friendly, which would entice any possible suitors.

Now for the thing that made me think about this: Trumaine Johnson. We've been practically stalking the guy and if he falls to the 3rd they'll be sprinting to the podium. If TruJo becomes a Falcon, he ain't coming to play the nickel and he ain't coming to replace Willy Mo. Willy Mo and TruJo would be ideal, as you've got a natural thumper and ballhawk safety tandem. I don't for a minute buy that Decoud is a ballhawk. I think that the majority of his interceptions just come from tipped balls, not jumping routes.

Chances of happening: 10%. Don't see Trumaine falling to us, but if he does Decoud maybe dancing around the field elsewhere.

I just don't believe TD is happy with 5 selections. We may look pretty good starting wise on offense and defense, but we've got some depth issues at OLB and across both of our lines. A trade for picks certainly should not be out of the realm of possibilities.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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