My submission mock

Ok I promise this is my last mock. Supposedly Dave is having a mock contest and the winner gets some kind of a "prize". So I thought I'd make a run at another mock. I'll make it quick.

2nd: Alameda Ta'amu/NT/Wash.: Rumors are that we might sign Franklin( who formerly played under Nolan) but at the age of 31 he definitely isn't the future. While some what of a reach in the second, Ta'amu quite frankly is a beast. He can rush the passer, stuff the run, and would be perfect for our new hybrid defense. He reminds me of Ngata and should provide that inside rush we need.

Link: Ta'amu vs Wash. St 2011)

Link: Ta'amu vs Utah)

3rd: Cam Johnson/DE/UVA: He really isn't my top choice but given the fact we desperately need a pass rusher he fits the bill. While coming off of an knee injury he had a pretty decent season. Hopefully he's back to full health. He has underrated athleticism and also can play 4-3 end or 3-4 OLB.

Link: Cam Johnson vs Miami 2011)

Link: Cam Johnson vs GT 2011)

5th: Jarius Wright/WR/Ark.: One of the best steals of the draft. I call him the black Wes Welker. At 5-10, 176 he isn't that big and more quick than fast but dude just seems to find a way to get open. Solid hands and high football IQ, he should take HD job from day 1. MR is going to love this guy on 3rd downs.

Link: Jarius Wright vs Texas A&M 2011)

Link: Jarius Wright vs South Carolina and Vandy)

6th: Evan Rodriguez/TE-FB/Temple: We are most likely going to grab a late round TE. This would be my pick. He can block, has solid hands, and underrated fluidity. He can develop very nicely behind Gonzo.

Link: Evan Rodriguez vs Miami(OH) 2011)

7th: Traded for Asante. Hopefully this happens. Might turn out to be a 6th.

7th: James Carmon/LT/Miss. St.: A former DT, this dude is a giant of a man. While raw as hell he has improved every game at Miss. St. He is going to need some time to develop and spend some time on the pratice squad. All goes well he can turn into a solid starter or decent back up at worst.

Link: James Carmon DT tape 2008)


Adonis Thomas/RB/Toledo: Quick, shifty runner who could complement Quizz in the pass game.

Link: Adonis Thomas vs N. Illinois 2011)

Dan Persa/QB/NW: Great pocket awareness and good accuracy quite frankly dude is a gamer. Should be a great back up.

Link: Persa Highlights)

Scott Smith/DE/Texas Tech: Big, athletic DE who cold be a surprise at camp. Could use a year or 2 of seasoning.

David Snow/OC/Texas: Underrated OC prospect who is savy with a high football IQ. Could be another sleeper and potential starter in the future.

Trulon Henry/S/Ill.: Former LB who missed a year after being shot in the hand. He is way off the radar since he did spend time in jail but he has potential. Not as big of a risk since he is going to be a UDFA. Good instincts and great burst he could surprise and make the team.

Link: Trulon Henry Junior Highlights)

So that's my submission. Discuss.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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