Incredibly Meaningless Mock

I set aside some time to watch the NCAA Championship tonight, and, so far, it's a blow-out. What better way to pass the time then with a mock draft? I am not a professional, and don't even watch that much college football, so feel free to berate me over these picks.

2.23: Kendall Reyes (DT, Connecticut)

I considered Dwayne Allen here, but frankly I'm not sure that he's going to make it to this pick. Cam Johnson is another popular pick according to mocks, but he might be a reach here. Reyes seems to be really shooting up draft boards, and he screams TD pick (loudly). He's smart, versatile, four-year player, and a two-time captain of his team. Kendall should be able to still add weight (299) onto his 6-4 frame, which would make him (eventually) one of our bigger DTs. Reyes can be used in a variety of ways which will help the pass rush, and should be appealing to Nolan.

3.21 Bobby Massie (OT, Mississippi)

Falcons fans should hold their collective breath here while crossing all digits that Massie falls to the club in the third. While the second might be a little early to spend on a project OT (though high-upside one), this would be an ideal spot to take him. We know that TD loves SEC players, and Ole Miss Rebs have quietly made a solid contribution in the NFL recently. Get Pat Hill some time with this kid and he could be something special.

5.22 James Hanna (TE, Oklahoma)

Hanna is the definition of a project TE. He's very big and extremely fast (led all TEs at the combine in the 40). However, his inconsistency will likely cause him to fall. This is the perfect protege for TG.

6.23 Derek Moye (WR, Penn St.)

If Moye is available here, he simply might be too good to pass up. This could go for a number of other WRs with potential as well. Moye is 6-4 and had great production at Penn St. despite a mediocre QB situation, and the media storm that was PSU football this past season. He reportedly ran a 4.44 40 at his pro day, and his 8 TDs from this past season show he's got a nose for the endzone.

7.22 Brandon Marshall (OLB, Nevada)

Strong competitor with a good attitude and good potential depth. At best, a Special Teams contributor.

7.42 Matt Merletti (FS, UNC)

Injured his knee (MCL, ACL) during his senior season, but still managed to run a 4.55 40 at his pro day. Should have plenty of time to take it slow after being drafted. Good ball skills, solid tackler, potential depth, and ST contributor.

So, I was probably way off, especially on those last two picks, but I would like to see TD go BPA (OLB and FS heavy in the mix) with the last two or three picks. What say you?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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