Big Time

I have been absolutely silent for the past 3 weeks almost. I have watched the moves Dimitroff & Co. have made so far into this off-season. I can not say that I am entirely pleased. I do not support the franchise tagging of Grimes. I must say that it is one of my biggest gripes. I mean definitely since he has not yet signed the tender for it. That is cap space that is currently being took up for some nonsensical reason unknown to I and others. I mean if he hasn't signed it then what makes you think he really wants to stay in the A? I mean and losing Grimes? Not that big of a deal really. DB's are starting to become expendable, especially ones at Brent's age. But on to the bigger picture of things...

With the signing of OL depth or even a potential starter if he shows up good enough, the Falcons have started their push into what looks to be a hectic off-season. The Falcons have even restructured deals with a few players and resigned key depth at many positions.(most notably DE and TE to me) And as FA nears, I am becoming more and more anxious. I am ready to see the huge splash that I feel coming. I feel something HUGE is going to be happening with the Falcons. I mean like TD whipping out moves like Bruce Lee in the 60's. Here are some of the BIGGER potential moves I can see coming with statements TD has said and the signings he has made.

Move # 1:

To start off the list, I will come out with a bang. I think that with all the restructuring and letting Abe walk, the Falcons are going to make a serious push and sign Mario Williams. I mean come on this guy could be the best defensive player that the Falcons have had since Deion Sanders left us. This will definitely give Nolan a defensive corner piece to build around and eventually even give him someone to thrive in his beloved 3-4 scheme.

Move # 2:

Letting Lofton walk. I know, I know. It is a saddening scenario. Yet, I just can't see ATL bringing him back now. Mike Nolan has stated his displeasure with him as 3 down LB. Lofa Tatupu was just signed. Akeem Dent has also shown that he can be a solid middle presence if given the chance. And with teams with a lot of cap space, like TB, there is going to be some big money thrown his way that the Falcons are just better off keeping in pocket.

Move # 3:

People in the front office have acknowledged that this year draft class of RB's is no question very deep. That is a statement I can agree with. Also, Snelling was just signed back and Smitty has stated his pleasure with the development of Quizz. Also after the playoff loss, the statement was made that there will be no "sacred cows." I believe that this was applied to MT. I mean the guy has slowly declined in production. He still has some trade value and his contract runs out next year. The Falcons, if they were smart, would jettison with Turner now and trade him. It makes sense. I will be widely criticized across the board for saying this.

Move # 4:

Picking up a cheaper option at slot receiver. Harry Douglas is no doubt going to get a contract offered to him that is bigger than one that a slot should get, unless you are Wes Welker. The Falcons will not try to outdo the team that offers Harry a pretty nice contract. I say they will take a mid-round pick, such as Marvin McNutt from Iowa or Brian Quick from Appalachian St. If you haven't checked out Quick, I would definitely suggest that you do. You will be impressed with the guy.

There ya go. There are four of the many moves that I can see the Falcons making this off-season. These moves make complete sense to me.

Also, do any of you think that Orson Charles still has a chance to be drafted with us now that he has a DUI charge? You know how Thomas Dimitroff is on character. I would just like some opinions on this matter. I honestly think that this was a foolish act on Charles' part. I mean damn the draft was so effin' close dude.

Anyway Falcoholics, this is my rise from the silence. I want to now hear your opinions upon mine.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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