Mock Draft 2.0

What is going on's people. I am here to present another mock draft(screams from all over the forum). My last mock I had us trading MT to the Jets for a 4th. To my surprise it really didn't go over too well with some of you guys. It's cool though. In this draft I assume we do the TD thing and stay put. I do believe though we will get a compensation pick for Dahl most likely a 4th.

2nd: Casey Hayward/CB/Vandy: Lets face it Grimes isn't coming back. Our secondary as is, is decent but we could always use new talent. Input Hayward. This kid is a ballhawk. A little bit undersized at 5-11 he still has the instincts to play either zone or man. Since Nolan will be wanting to leave our CB's on a island more this is a very important skill. He also is aggressive in the run game and is a solid tackler. With this move we should be able to move DR to FS and start Franks and Hayward as our CB's.

3rd: Evan Rodriguez/TE/Temple: Gonzo isn't getting any younger. We need to start at least grooming his replacement. Rodriguez should be that guy. A former basketball player Guez( you like) was really under used at Temple. Some experts compare him to a "poor man's" Aaron Hernadez but there both fluid runners with great hands. Plus Guez is a better blocker than Hernadez and with Gonzo's help Guez should turn into a quality starter for us.

4th.(compensation pick): Chandler Jones/DE/Syracuse: After the 2nd round the DE crop talent wise drops significantly. I think if we could grab this guy in the 4th it would be a steal. He has good size at 6-5, 265 lbs and would be perfect for Nolan's hybrid defense since he could play 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB. He is solid in the run game and is quick off the line. His stock is on the rise since he is beginning to get his legs back after a injury hampered him this past season. He does rely to heavily on the bull rush so learning some new moves should help him become a solid pass rusher for us.

5th: Robert Turbin/RB/Utah St.: Snelling might not return and MT could be on his way out. I suggest we take a flyer on a RB in this draft. Turbin is my late round choice. He is a elusive runner with some power and soft hands. He averaged over 6.1 yards a carry last year and rushed for 1,517 yards and 19 TD's. Another tid bit his favorite superhero is the hulk so you know he runs with anger.

6th: Ryan Nassib/QB/Syracuse: They have to get a new back up QB either through the draft or FA. This is my favorite of the late round QB's. He is a clutch performer and has improved every year. If he gets some grooming and continues to improve he could develop into a quality starter down the road.

7th: Patrick Edwards/WR/Hou.: A lot of rumors have been swirling about HD going to Jax. I have no idea why he would want to but ok. If these rumors are true we are going to need a new slot. My choice returned to school(Ryan Swope) youtube him he is a beast. Unless Cone steps up or they grab a WR in FA we will need a new one. Edwards is quicker than he is fast. He runs nice routes and has soft hands. Some think he is a product of Houston's system but I think he has some skills to be a good slot WR for this team.

So there it is feel free to comment.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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