Mock 3.5 Let's get crazy!!

Their have been many mocks lately and there starting to look just alike( no offense). So I decide to make a fun mock(sorta) for discussion purposes. So here we go.

First there's a trade. We trade MT and our 5th to KC for Ricky Stanzi and Tony Moeaki.

Ok before you click off this post hear me out. This is a great trade for us(IMO) and for the chiefs as well. First, the Chiefs get what they need. MT would be the thunder to Charles lightning. The Chiefs where a playoff team when they had the duo of Jones and Charles. MT would be very efficient behind that line and plus it would take pressure off of KC starting QB(whether that is Orton or Cassel).

Why is this good for us you ask? We get a future superstar in Moeaki and possibly a future HOF in Stanzi. I know, I know I'm crazy right. If Stanzi is so good why did he last to the 5th round? I think Stanzi has the best potential out of the QB crop from last year's draft and will be some what of a Brady to Luck's Manning(If that makes sense). He would have played in some games this year if Haley wasn't such a douche. He has all the makings of a stud. Started 4 years in college in a pro style offense, has great footwork and accuracy, has mental toughness to lead his teams in cruch time, and plus he has some athleticism. He will be a stud in a couple years( trust me) but as of right now he would seal up our hole behind MR.

As for Moeaki he is coming off of an injury and KC might be looking for insurance at the TE position in this draft. He showed alot of potential in his rookie season and was due for a break out season this year before his injury. He could learn to thrive under Gonzo's tutelage and could possibly be his replacement.

So now on to the draft. Again I will assume we get a 4th for Dahl.

2nd: David Wilson/RB/VT: One of my favorite RB's in the draft. He is a solid built kid with a great burst and good top end speed. Runs like a mini AP with his burst and his low pad level. Isn't afraid to run some one over but also has the agility to make a defender miss. He has soft hands and is great in the screen game. Also has some potential as a KR/PR. He does need to improve on his pass blocking and securing the ball better but with a backfield of Wilson, Snelling, and Quizz our offense would be potent to say the least.

Link: Wilson vs WF 2011)

Link: Highlights)

3rd: Ladarius Green/TE/La-Lafayette: I think most falcoholics would agree offense isn't our biggest concern but after the effort they put up against the Giants it's easy to disagree. Our defense isn't our biggest concern especially with a competent DC( a great one at that) and some solid pieces on the unit. This is mostly BPA right here. I saw a fanpost awhile ago suggesting the idea of us running a 2 TE set offense similar to the Pats. This guy would definitely help. Green is just too talented to pass right here. At 6'6, 234 lbs he is a mismatch nightmare for any defense. He has underrated speed and great hands. He is deep threat with long strides and would be a great complement to JJ. He does need to improve on his route running on short to intermediate routes and of course his blocking. He still is a little raw but you can't teach size and with him RW becomes more likely to be traded.

Link: Green vs SDSU 2011)

Link: Green vs Ark. St 2011)

4th(compensatory pick): Alameda Taamu/DT/Wash.: This dude is a steal right here. I doubt he falls this far but some mocks have him this late. I think he is Haloti Ngata 2.0. I think we will most likely address a possible NT or DT in FA. If he is on the board though we should take him. He is a massive force at 6'3, 336 lbs and has surprising agility for his size. Most likely will have the most reps in the bench press at the combine. He has a high motor but needs to improve on anchoring against double teams to be legit as a 3-4 NT but he has all the potential to be a disruptive force in the NFL.

Link: Ta'amu vs Utah 2011)

6th: Demario Davis/OLB/Ark. St.: Another sleeper right here. Outside of Zach Brown is the fastest OLB in this draft. Has fluid hips and can change direction on the dime. Has natural instincts and seems to be always around the ball. Is solid against the run but does need to improve in coverage. A solid tackler who could be a D.J. Smith type of steal in the later rounds.

Link: Davis vs N. Illinois 2011)

7th: Jeremy Lane/CB/Northwestern St.: Not to be confused with Jeremy Lin. A big corner (6'0, 183 lbs) with long arms has nice size and can fill out his frame at the next level. Is comfortable in press coverage with those long arms and has good recovery speed. Won Defensive Player of the game in a all star game for eligible NFL draft prospects from schools like LSU, Penn St., Oklahoma, Baylor and many more. Also got rave reviews from Houston Nutt and some guy named Pat Hill( yeah never heard of him either).

No vids on Lane.

So there it is feel free to comment below.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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