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Yeah, treat my fanposts like a dead singer's album. (too soon?)

Hello Falcoholics, a week after I made my first mock draft, or more like off season. I decided to re-evaluate my previous picks. My goals with my mock offseasons: To make scenarios that are realistic. (I.E. not saying we get Mario Williams in FA and Jared Allen in a trade) I don't want to get took of as being a ludicrous speculator. I like to think of stuff that could actually happen... No names were mentioned in that.

Key "Walks":

1) Brent Grimes (He wants his blockbuster money and "ATL ain't paying" according to Miko)

2) Harry Douglas (I hate to say it! Money talks, you know what walks!)

3) Jason Snelling (Browns, Redskins, or Broncos seem like possible destinations)

4) John Abraham (Too old for big money, too inconsistent to take cap space up)

Key Re-signings:

1) Curtis Lofton (We got to have 5-0!)

2) Todd McClure (Play like it's your last season, hopefully it is)

3) Thomas DeCoud (Who else is going to take his position?)

4) Kelvin Hayden (Maybe Tinker Bell will sprinkle fairydust on him)

*There are others to resign, but those seem important.

Helpful FA signings:

1) Jared Gaither, LT (The guy is underrated and cheap, and definitely an upgrade, though that doesn't say much)

2) Cliff Avril, DE (Top 5 DE in FA, not cheap, but cheaper than Mario and others)

3) Channing Crowder, LB (He adds depth with Mike Peterson most likely leaving)

4) Vince Young, QB (Arguably the best FA QB that will be a backup next year, RojoHombre is out and old)

5) Jerricho Cotchery, WR (Seems like a nice cheap pickup to take the slot over, Very good with keeping possession)

Helpful trades:

1) Micheal Turner to somewhere for at least a 4th round pick

2) Trade Ray Edwards, another solid player, and a mid-round pick (4th?) in 2013 to Buffalo for Kyle Williams, DT

"Stay with Them" or "It's Time: (Players to stick with for at least one more year or Ones who need chances)

1) If Ray Edwards does go as said, Lawrence Sidbury should get his chance to prove himself.

2) Joe Hawley (Solid during the season, Kill't during the NY game, showed potential during season though)

3) Dunta Robinson (Like Dwight Howard, he is going to rebound!)

4) Akeem Dent (Solid Rookie Campaign, deserves some rotational looks)

5) Our Young CB's (Walls, Franks, and Owens will all benefit from an upgraded D-Line)

Back to the DRAFT: (predicting a 4th round compensatory pick for Dahl)

2nd Round Pick - Brandon Boykin, UGA, CB

No surprise should be made with this one. Boykin is a fast and physical corner. He wraps up on tackles, which is definitely something the Falcons need on D. The weight room and peanut butter sandwiches will turn this guy into a monster. He can also return kicks and punts. (Goodbye Weems!)

3rd Round Pick - Akiem Hicks, DT, Regina Rams in Canada

Another pick from my last mock. He is higher this time though. Over the last week, his name has seemed to pop up any and everywhere and he is getting serious attention. With good reason comes the attention, he is fast and again fast. Where he played should not come into play, he has ability no question. I want him on our team! Great Player that you don't see often. If he shores up the middle, our D-ends will have a much easier job.

4th Round Pick (Compensatory Pick) - Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana-Lafayette

I, for one, was one of the people to hate on Green because of where he played; Not now though! Draft experts and teams across the league are not showing much love to him. Dwayne Allen, Coby Fleener, and Orson Charles are the faces of TE's in the draft. Green still shows tremendous athleticism for someone of his stature. Though bulk will play a part in his development into a quality TE in the NFL. Being mentored under Gonzo will only benefit this youngster.

4th Round Pick (from MT trade) - Quentin Saulsberry, C, Mississippi State

With McClure on his way out, we need another player to step up and hold our line. Saulsberry fits the mold of an awesome center prospect. He has held his own in the SEC. He is a strong, powerful guy. He also tends to stay healthy; he started all 49 games of his college career. (!) Though Miss St. did not keep its QB clean, Saulsberry had not a thing to do with that.

5th Round Pick - Robert Turbin, RB, Utah State

I have recently fell in love with this jewel of a selection. If he is available this late as projected, any team would be smart to pick him up. Smart, powerful runner. Exceptional Speed. Not worthy of being upper round material, but definitely has the potential to be a solid component in a backfield rotation. Screen plays seem to find light with him holding the ball. Rookie picks at RB have shown to have success in the NFL, so he can have the Burner's spot on the Falcons. All he has to do is have better than 3.6 YPC and be consistent.

6th Round Pick - Damien Jackson, FS, Mississippi

This seems to be a popular pick among the members of this sight. With good reason, he comes as a smart pick this late in the draft. He hits hard. His coverage has a "home-run" or "strike-out" mentality to it. For those who don't understand baseball terminology, he either hits big or misses big. He is also tall which helps his stock.

7th Round Pick - Russell Wilson, QB, Wisconsin

He has a rocket of an arm and his home-run threat is always there. His feet always seem to be always shuffling and ready to run. His height has hurt him severely in draft stock. He would be a very capable back-up after a year or so.

So there you go, ATL-liens or Falcoholics, which ever you prefer. It is getting mighty late, so I will pack it in. Take tiredness and weariness into consideration when you go ripping into my picks. Good Night!

*Update: Next Day Add-In: Jeff Demps, RB - (signed as UDFA to shore up the backfield and add to special teams)

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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