Mock Draft 3.0

My favorite time of the year. Draft season. Combines, pro days, and speculation on the future of all 32 teams. Ahhhh. Ok back to business. There have been alot of good mocks on the forum lately and hopefully I can keep this ball rolling.

Again in this draft I will assume we get a compensatory pick for Dahl. Most likely a 4th.

2nd: Travis Lewis/OLB/Okla.: Now I HIGHLY doubt they go this route with their 1st pick in the draft but for discussion purposes I have us drafting him. I will try to make a case for this pick. When I first heard of Lewis I always envisioned a LB core of Lofton, Lewis, and another LB(in this case being Spoon) terrorizing opposing offenses. Even though Nolan is our DC and a 3-4 base might be in the near future as of today we still are a 4-3. Nolan has emphasized on secondary play but to me the most versatile position on the D is the LB core. We arguably already have one of the best LB cores in the league. I think we complete that with Lewis. He is a fiery kid, with great instincts. He also is experienced and great in coverage and a savvy blitzer. If Nolan doesn't believe that Lofton is a 3 down LB then Lewis could also fill in for him.


3rd: Matt McCants/OT/UAB: A big LT( 6'6, 294 lbs)with long arms who has little experience and has some athleticism. His upside is high because he is still raw but has the footwork and size to be a starting caliber LT or RT in the league. He has elite range and has the athleticism to carry rushers around the pocket. Also is good in the run game and is athletic enough to get out and block downfield. Still has room to fill out his frame and has been compared to the Bill's Demetrius Bell by some scouts.

Link: Senior Bowl interview not film)

4th(compensatory pick) Joe Adams/WR/Ark.: Rumors are HD will be leaving. If he does we will need to fill that void. Really don't like the options in FA and the mid rounds are full with potential slot WR's. Adams is that guy. This dude will help out MR tremendously. He is so dynamic it should be on the back of his jersey in place of Adams. He reminds me of Cruz a little bit. Although his hands are inconsistent at times once the ball is in his hands he has that "score whenever he has the ball" type ability. He also is a dynamic returner who will take Weems job from day 1. He needs to improve his route running but he is by far the best YAC receiver in this draft.

Link: Punt return against Tenn.)

Link: 92 yard TD vs Tenn.)

5th: Evan Rodriguez/TE/Temple: Rodriguez( to me) is one of the most complete TE's in this draft. Since the NFL is becoming a passing league teams are looking more for TE's who are tweener WR's. I still like the old school receiving and blocking TE's. He was severely underused at Temple. He is a former basketball player with soft hands and is a fluid route runner. He is a bit undersized but under the tutelage of Gonzo should be a great replacement for the HOF.

Link: Rodriguez vs Mia. OH)

6th. Micah Pellerin/CB/Hampton: A great sleeper pick. Is a long(6'0,195 lbs), physical corner with great closing speed and nice ball skills. Is a very smart kid with a thirst for competition. He is fiery and loves a challenge. Was #1 in the FCS in total passes defended last year. He seems to be destined to make a impact in the NFL and hopefully it's with us.( No film on him)

7th. Dan Persa/QB/NW: I prefer Persa over say a Austin Davis or Kellen Moore. He has a decent arm and very good accuracy. He also is sneaky quick and has good pocket awareness. Dude is a gamer plain and simple. Really didn't have to many weapons to work with and still made NW viable in the Big Ten. Reminds me a little of Drew Brees( coming out of Purdue) on tape.


Link: NW vs Vandy 2010)


Janzen Jackson/FS/McNeese St.: A former 5 star recruit coming out of high school was dismissed from Tenn. for off the field issues. He had 31 tackles, 5 passes broken up, and 2 ints this past season. He would of been a 3rd pick if his charatcer was higher. I wouldn't waste a pick on him but he could become a stud if he gets his stuff together.

Link: 2009 highlights)

Donte Paige- Moss/DE/UNC: Coming off a ACL injury and having many character issues he shouldn't get drafted. He should although get a invite to camp. He does has some nice tools and can play inside or out. If he gets his head right the talent is there to become a impact player.


Jeremy Ebert/WR/NW: We grab Persa's team mate. Plays faster than 40 time would tell and has soft hands. A good slot prospect who is clutch on 3rd downs.

Link: TD vs Neb, also can look at Persa's links.)

Lyndon Rowells/RB/Humboldt St.: A very shifty runner with great hands who could warrant a pick with a good pro day. He has some surprising power along with great explosion and balance. Set a GNAC single season record with 1,417 yards and 14 TD's.

Link: 2011 highlights no sound)

So there it is feel free to comment below.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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