Mock Offseason 1.0

Its never too early to do a mock offseason. I plan on doing a bunch of these so get ready. The draft descriptions are a bit basic until the combine and pro day workouts roll around.

Key Departures:

1. Brent Grimes: A CB needy team will show him more money than ATL
2. Sam Baker: ATL will want him back, but another team will make him rich
3. Michael Turner: He gone
4. Todd McClure: Its time for Mud Duck to ride off into the sunset

Other Departures

Mike Peterson, Lawrence Sidbury, Dominique Franks, Mike Cox, Peria Jerry, Tommy Gallarda, Luke McCown, Robert James, Chris Hope, Tony Gonzalez (retired), Garrett Reynolds

Key re-signings:

1. William Moore: Pay the man

2. Vance Walker: Swagger Vance has been a gem and is a key part of the defense.

3. Chris Owens: He has been serviceable. We could certainly do worse.

4. Antone Smith: He’ll never get snaps at RB, but he’s been a special teams stud.

5. Will Svitek: We won’t lose much talent here by letting Baker walk. Svitek and Holmes will duke it out for the starting LT job in 2013

Free Agency additions

1. Jared Cook TE: Tight End is a big part of the Atlanta offense. Dimitroff will pursue the top rated free agent or address the position with the 1st round pick. Cook is one of the most athletically gifted TE’s in the NFL and he can stretch defenses vertically. Having Matt Ryan at QB will take his career to a new level. (signs a 5 yr $25 mil contract)

2. Terrance Knighton NT: Mark my words: ATL will be a 3-4 defense in 2013. We’ve been our best at stuffing the run when using the “big tackle 3” alignment. We’ve been unable to generate a pass rush with our front four. The 3-4 is Nolan’s preferred defense and I think Smith will let him make the switch. Knighton is a big, big guy who has been a very good run stuffer in JAX.. (signs a 5 yr $19 mil contract)

2013 NFL Draft

1st round Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB BYU: He’s an athletic freak and is often compared to Jason Pierre Paul. He will do wonders for our pass rush and be Abe's eventual replacement.

2nd round Eddie Lacy RB Alabama: He runs hard and can catch the ball. He will team with Quizz and Snelling to give us a dangerous backfield.

3rd round Khaled Holmes C USC: Konz has said he will be hitting the weights this offseason so its possible Smitty could leave him at RG. Holmes will be a stud at center and will be a big upgrade over Mud Duck

4th round Gerald Hodges LB Penn State: With Mike Peterson and Robert James gone, we will need a solid LB to add to the rotation.

4th round Cornellius“Tank”Carradine DE/OLB Florida State: This is a value pick here as he was a sure fire 1st rounder before his ACL injury. When training camp starts, he will be nearly nine months removed from surgery. (compensatory pick for Curtis Lofton)

5th round Marquess Wilson WR Washington State : Its clear that we need more depth at WR. He is a big 6’4 receiver and could help out in the redzone.

6th round Sanders Commings CB Georgia: At 6’1, he’s a big CB. He could be a great guy to develop.

7th round Anthony White NT Michigan State: He’s a big 330 pounder who can serve as back-up NT in our new 3-4.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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