Julio Jones is Roddy White?

Hello falcoholics , It's been a while! Unfortunately it seems that our stud of a receiver Julio Jones can't stay at %100 to save his nfl legacy and i would like to talk a bit about why i think that is. The title of this post stems from my observation of Julio being played identical to Roddy White. I think both of these receivers have different games and have different abilities and should be played to the strengths of their abilities. These are both great receivers and in no way should we ever think that JJ was brought into replace our beloved Roddy White ,that's not the case!

i heard a commentaor using a term that he thought described our defense , though i may not be in total aggrence with it I did definatley have a hard time debating it. The term was "finesse" yes, he labeled our beloved diffense "finesse". Im not sure if that's our defense but (that's for another post) i think its the perfect fit for JJ to circle his game around. Many of JJ's atributes as a reciver would shine through if he would stick to what his body is made for. ive heard a lot of talk about Julio. Here i have listed some solutions ive heard and next to them why i think it would be a problem for his game :

Solution #1: He should bulk up more

Problem: too bulky and he loses speed and quickness

Solution #2: He should condition more

Problem: i think he conditions just as mush as the next guy :/

Solution #3: Get two more fingers cosmetically added to his left and right hands

Problem: He would be able to palm both of your lady's " booty butt cheeks" at once; she'll never love u again!!

Back to that word finesse, lets compare and take a look at RW's and JJ's physic (no homo),<---do kids still say this?

imagine being a cb standing across from this.....Scary!!

As you can see, both WR's are built "ford tough" but RW's looks a bit thicker which makes him more physical for absorption. Not saying that JJ cant be this way but this early in his career all i want to see from him is the "finesse game" not having to catch over 3 guys; bare minimun cross routes; little to no screens; no rushing yards; just get out there, use that speed to burn defenders and upper body to muscle away the ball. JJ needs to solidify the game he was brought in for before he can excel in any other phase. RW is well conditioned and has never missed a game in his 8+yrs in the league while Julio is averaging 2qts a game(exaggerating a little). At this piont i don't think julio is built and conditioned for so much contact .Just let him run , lord let him run.!!! #11 is truly gifted but he is not #84 and im one to think that the falcons excel when every player does what their brought in to do. Though boxing with cb's isn't JJ's game; toasting them are.

What do you think and why?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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