Ryan's breakout season

A lot of people have been talking about how Matt Ryan is a MVP contender this year and for some he is the MVP had the season stopped today and though we all know he has played some great football a lot of that I felt was to do with the team wins, rather then his own play. Now I figured if I broke down his numbers in comparison to some of the other top tier QB's to see if he really deserves to be the mid season MVP or if he even deserves to be in the running.

I figured the other QB's who have the best chance of winning the MVP trophy this year are: Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger. And I'll rate them on completion percentage, yards per game, TD's, INT's passer rating and finally team record. I will rank them 1 through 6 and add up the total scores at the end with the lowest being the best.

Completion %: Peyton is 2nd in the league with 69.7% and Ryan 3rd with 68.4%. Big Ben is 5th, Rodgers 6th, Brady at 10th and Brees at 18th.

YPG: Brees is 1st in the league with 316.3 followed by 2nd overall Ryan at 307.9. Manning sits at 5th, Brady at 6th, Big Ben at 9th and Rodgers at 10th.

TD's: Brees and Rodgers are tied for 1st in the league with 25 a piece. Manning follows at 3rd, Ryan 4th, Brady at 5th and Big Ben sitting at 9th.

INT's: Brady has the fewest picks in the league with only 3 and Big Ben at 4th best with 4. Rodgers is 5th, Manning is 10th, Ryan 13th and Brees 19th.

Rate: Manning leads the league with 108.0 followed by Rodgers sitting in 2nd at 107.4. Ryan is 4th, Big Ben 5th, Brady 6th and Brees 8th.

Record: Ryan's Falcons are top at 8-1, with Rodger's Packers, Manning's Broncos and Brady's Patriots all tied at 6-3. Big Ben's Steelers are at 5-3 and Brees' Saints are 4-5.

Adding up the scores the ranking looks like:

1st Peyton Manning 14 points
2nd Matt Ryan 17 points
3rd Aaron Rodgers 18 points
4th Tom Brady 22 points
5th Big Ben* 25 points
6th Drew Brees 26 points

Obviously this isn't a perfect example of who is the best player but it gives somewhat of an idea. So I think its same to say that Ryan is legitimately in the contention for MVP, 8-1 record or not.

*Keep in mind the Steelers have yet to play this week but by the end of the week if he plays as well as he has all season he will throw for 2 TD's which would tie him with Brady. He will probably win the game against the Chiefs and if he throws an INT (he is throwing 0.5 a game) he will tie with Rodgers for 2nd. Meaning Ben would have a score of 21 moving into 4th place. If Roethlisberger throws a single interception Rodgers will tie Ryan for 2nd place.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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