Let's Replace the Burner!

I call him The Sizzler (haha stupid right?) But before I reveal who he is, I would like to say that I have been a fan of the MT free agent pickup since it happened, but in order for us to move ahead into our new offense that DK (not Donkey Kong) wants to run, we need a new fresh, explosive runner. With this said I would like to say...

Let's TRADE The Burner! Rex Ryan is looking for a RB to carry the load of his offense and after this season I would happily state his ass is desperate. I think he would be willing to convince his GM to give us a 3rd rounder or (more likely) a 4th rounder. Even if the Jets are out of the question, other teams would be willing to take him. I mean honestly the guy is about to be 30, and everybody knows how a RB's career goes around that time. But he is still valuable at this point in his career and that is why we need to jettison him on out to another needy team.

At this point, you either probably agree or just plain out saying "this guy is stupid", I understand that. But I think I have spotted a future star of the NFL who has flown under the radar up to this point. (*Note: I am no NFL analyst or Draft Evaluation Expert. But hey they make numerous mistakes every year, so what if I make one? At least I'm not a paid mistake maker.)

The Guy I called The Sizzler: duh duh duh!

CYRUS GRAY, from Texas A&M.

This guy looks absolutely phenomenal. He makes defenders look like they aren't even moving. He can catch, he can run, and for MM's sake he can run the hell out of a screen play. He isn't being projected very high at all either. So we could definitely make a steal with him.

Let me, let you see what I seen:

If that don't make you go wow, get out of here. Maybe I am just making a stupid assumption but I believe this guy is the real deal. Even if you can't face it I will, Michael Turner is aging and we need someone to replace him. This guy is showing promise. He could be the third piece of a dynamic backfield with Quizz and Snelling (if he resigns). Anyway, if he ends being an All-Pro one day, Just remember I called it!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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