Mock Draft 1.0 with Off season

This was been a crazy off season so far. Both coordinators are gone and Mr. Blank is pissed. He is tired of being the laughing stock of the "2nd tier teams" and would like to be in the elite class. Well he will have to open up his wallet and good some good talent for the new coordinators to work with.

That starts with the pass rush. Even if we do resign Abe we still are in the same boat as last year. I think Abe will go. I assume some team will splurge and overpay him to sign. Which if i was him I would do the same. So we need to fill a need and drafting a DE (while possible) wouldn't guarantee we get a starting caliber DE when we picked.

Cliff Avril/DE: He is a young and dynamic DE. He had 36 tackles, 11 sacks, and 6 FF's this past season. With the aging Vanden Bosch I don't know if the Lions will be willing to departure with Avril but it's worth a shot.

Carl Nicks/OG: MEGA SIGN!!! If we can steal him away from the Saints that would be huge. It will cost us but for us to be where we want to we have to keep MR upright. This solidifies the guard position for us.

Zachary Bowman/DB: If rumors are true then Grimes is on his way out. We do have some depth at the CB position but we could always use another player. He is a big DB and he has played on a top defense for many years.

Now to the draft

This draft can go in many different directions. The only bad thing is we are short on picks. That is why we make this trade.

MT to the Jets for a 4th rd pick. I think the Jets would be interested in the 3rd leading rusher this season. Especially if Rex is good on his words on keeping Sanchez as QB. Even if they do bring in a rookie QB they will need a run game to take some pressure off of them.

2nd: Ben Jones/OC/UGA: Rejoice Dawg fans we draft a bulldog. McClure will be 35 this coming season and it's time for us to find his replacement. Hawley has tried his best but to me he is a better fit at OG. Ben Jones is a big, bruiser type of center. He finishes the play and has the fire like our "dirtbags" do. Plus if you can block consistently in the SEC you should be able to in the NFL.

3rd: Cyrus Gray/RB/Texas A&M: We find Turner's replacement. Some mocks have him going in the 4th but I think his stock will rise during the combine. This kid is quick, really quick. He has great hands and vision. Plus he is a sound pass blocker. If we have this rotation of Snelling, Gray, and Quizz they are all interchangeable since they all can receive out the backfield.

4th(from Jets): Orson Charles/TE/UGA: Would you lookey here. We add another Dawg to the team. Orson is a big, fast receiving threat with some soft hands. He can run past LB's and safeties and he can work the zone. He definitely needs to improve on his run blocking. All that said he and Gonzo should be delightful for MR in the red zone.

5th. Jonathan Massaquoi/DE/Troy: Yes we do draft yet ANOTHER DE in the late rounds. I think this guy is different though. He is a little bit of a tweener and probably suited better for a 3-4(which we might be running in certain packages). He is a long armed freak with great burst off the line. He struggled against good teams this past season but he can develop into a quality pass rusher for us. With the past success of Troy rushers( Osi and Ware) I think we can take a shot on him.

6th: Ryan Nassib/QB/Syracuse: We need a backup for MR. Nassib is a sleeper and this kid is clutch. The orange beat Wake Forest in a come from behind victory in which he went 20-28 for 178 yards and 3 TDs. Also going 8 for 8 in the 4th and OT. He is athletic and has improved his accuracy every year. He should develop quite nicely behind Ryan.

7th. Tashaun Gipson/CB/Wyoming: We still need depth at the CB position. This is me having faith in Decoud. I think with this pick we go for best available player. Since I don't know who will rise and who will fall. I'm going to go with the sleeper. Gipson had 95 tackles(2.5 for loss), five passes broken up, and 3 ints in 2011. He has good size and nice ball skills.

This is my first of many mocks. Just trying to get as many different scenarios I think the FO could go this April.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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