Why I love the Dirk Koetter hire

Who the F is this Koetter guy? I've never heard of him. And clearly if I've never heard of him he's no good. Man after I saw us lose to the Giants I thought for sure we'd go after a bigshot but nooo we had to get this no name loser. Has anybody ever won anything without a famous coach? What if we had hired a no name coach or a no name GM? Can you imagine what would have happened to us?

And another thing, his offense was 32nd in the NFL last year. Thats last by the way. Dead last. So what if he had no players he should have went and got himself better players. Wasnt he there when they drafted the players? Its not like the jags are a real team and have a team of scouts who evaluate college players and a GM who drafts them. He was in charge of the offense and he should have demanded the players he wanted or he should have quit. Thats what a real man would do!!!

You say he was good in college. So what? It isn't as if we just saw a good college coach hand in a good season in the NFL? College and NFL totally different, they have marching bands in college and coaches who chew think that would ever work in the NFL?

I'm especially disappointed in Arthur Blank. After all the talk about changing the team he went and hired the same guy as MM. So what if TD and MS told him that wanted him. What do they know? Its not like they're football experts or something. I wish he was more like Jerry Jones and made these decisions himself. A real man takes the responsibility; he doesn't listen to his employees.

And whats up with Smitty hiring everyone from the Jags staff. What you say? Neither of his previous co-ordinators were from the Jags staff? So what? Thats in the past. This year a 100% of his co-ordinators so far are from the Jags. Its nepotism I tell you. If he only he had hired his brother in law Coach Billick!!!

And by the way my opinions are sacred. How dare you question my opinions, while I question the Falcons brass' decisions?


I've read a little too much hyperbolic negativity regarding our OC hire so I couldn't resist putting this up. It was meant as harmless fun and is very tongue in cheek. It is not directed at any individual specifically and the intent, if its not obvious, was not to be insulting. Nevertheless, if I have offended anyone, I offer you my apologies, whatever they may be worth.

Lastly, as mentioned in the title, I love this hire. I wasn't sure about it at first but on further thought, I absolutely love it. Bear with me while I tell you why.

As much as I've seen of TD/Smith they seem to be intelligent, perceptive guys. I expect them to realize that the last two years have meant their welcome is wearing thin. Another blowout in a playoff game and or both might lose their jobs. I would also expect them to realize that the OC hire is thus crucial. A big name would have been a safe hire since it keeps the fans happy gives you more room for error. The fact that they went and got the no name co-ordinator feels like an all-in move. I don't know if its going to pan out but I like that Smitty, at least, has put himself on the line. This way we get to find out not only if we have a long term offensive co-ordinator but if we have a long term head coach.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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