My take on Regular Season

The good man DW made his prediction below and got quite the reception. If you will allow, I would like to throw some fuel on the fire.

Week 1 - @ Chicago

W 17-10 - Chicago has a very good defense, and doesn't need to pull a lot of tricks to get a good rush. The shortened preseason rears its ugly head in a close sloppy game from both sides. A late game TD pass by Matt Ryan seals the game in the 4th quarter. Turner has a moderately effective opener against a tough run defense.

1-0 (PF:17--PA:10)


Week 2 - Philly

L 27-31 - Philly has always been our Achilles heel, and will continue to do so with "He who shall not be named" at QB. While we get a few good shots on him, our pass defense gives up to much ground. An untimely INT by Ryan and 2 stalled drives resulting in FGs ultimately results in a loss. The trio of Asomugha, Cromartie, and Samuels frustrates our receiving core at times.

1-1 (44-41)


Week 3 - @ Tampa

W 31-21 - A very young front 7 ultimately is the undoing for the bucs in this game. Josh Freeman plays an efficient game, but throws a key INT late in the game and leads to one last TD for the Falcons to seal the victory. Turner has a big day, running for 140 yards and 2 TDs. Despite having Talib in the secondary, the trio of White, Douglas, and Jones is too much for Tampa to keep an extra man in the box for Turner.

2-1 (75-62)


Week 4 - @ Seattle

W 45-13 - Without a talented QB at the helm, and a poor running game, Seattle cannot move the ball. Scoring meaningless points at the end of the game with the starters resting. Matt Ryan and Julio start connecting and both have a big game. Matt throws for 300 yards and 4 TDs for the first time in his career, 2 for Roddy, 1 for Julio, and 1 for HD. Turner and Snelling each contribute a TD on the ground.

3-1 (130-75)


Week 5 - Green Bay

W 38-35 - Ryan pulls off a very late game winning drive in the Georgia dome and throws for consecutive 300 yard 4 TD games. The addition of Julio Jones and a healthy HD tip the scales and proove that we will be a force come January. Rogdgers has another brilliant game, but just not good enough. Jaquizz Rodgers starts to become a factor in our offense at this point, rushing for a modest 30 yards, but 60 receiving with a TD.



Week 6 - Carolina

W 38-14 - Welcome to the NFC South Cam Newton. Capable of only getting the ball to his TEs with any consistency, Newton struggles with his only help coming from the RBs. Carolina's defense cannot contain the trio of WRs we now posess and are unable to get off the field on 3rd and long. Newton throws several interceptions as they trail by 17-0 points after the first quarter, and 31-7 after the half.



Week 7 - @ Detroit

W 24-21 - A very close game, with the lions D line giving Matt Ryan hell all game long. However the Lion's secondary cannot hold coverage long enough to keep us from throwing. This score assumes Stafford is actually healthy, and if not, the game will be much different. Turner does not give a repeat of 08, and does not break 100 yards. Snelling and Jaquizz have good days receiving, with Rodgers being more of a factor each week as he adjusts to the pro level.



Week 8 - Bye Week 6-1 (give or take 1 win) 1st or 2nd place in the division, with Saints either 1st or tied for 1st with us.


Week 9 - @ Indy

L 31-35 - Manning works his magic and shows Matt is still a pupil and not a master of the position yet. Ryan has a very good day against the Colts D but ultimately a flawless game by Manning shows our secondary is not elite, and still has its shortcomings. A tough loss away, but still in good position to take the lead ion the division with the Saints coming up.



Week 10 - New Orleans

W 41-40 - Another tough division game that comes down to the last play. After both QBs put up staggering numbers, the Falcons take the lead with less than 2 minutes to play. Drew Brees orchestrates a beautiful drive culminating with a TD with no time left. Sean Peyton, the risky gambler decides to go for 2. However the Falcons make the stop to end the game.



Week 11 - Tennessee

W 27-14 - With poor QB play by the rookie, Ten relies heavily on Johnson who manages to have a very good day against a stout Falcons run D. Rushing for over 100 yards and 2 TDs. However it is not enough as too many turnovers by the QB give Atlanta a short field to score easy points. By this time, Julio Jones is an integral part of our offense. Trying to keep Turner fresh for the playoffs, the coaching staff is utilizing Snelling more on rushing downs, and allowing Quizz to take most of the third down reps.



Week 12 - MInnesota

W 31-13 - Another feature back, but with an aging McNabb and weak WR corp, they rely to heavily on the run, and cannot catch up to us. Peterson has a good day running for around 100 yards and a TD. We say hellp to Mr. Jenks again, but he is not a factor in the game. A weakened MN pass rush allows Ryan to have another great day. And most of the attention still being on Roddy allows Julio to have his first monster game of the year. 



Week 13 - @ Houston

W 35-24 - Wade Phillips work in progress defense is not enough to stop what has become a terrifying Atlanta passing attack. Turner struggles against his run defense, and Ryan shreds a weak secondary, throwing another 4 TD game, for his third of the season. Matt Schaubb throws two 2nd half interceptions to keep the Texans from coming back, and Arian Foster has a minimal impact due to a large first half lead.



Week 14 - @ Carolina

W 28-17 - The Panthers are starting to let Cam Newton do his thing, and their offense is improving. The TEs are a big factor in this game, and score 2 TDs. Matt Ryan has poor away game, but comes through in the second half to keep the Panthers in place. While Cam may not be a superstart, his athleticism allows him to keep plays alive and evade our pass rush. A close game through 3 quarters, but ultimately he starts making mistakes that cost them the game.



Week 15 - Jacksonville

W 48-13 - After a disappointing performance at Carolina, Matt takes his anger out on the Jaguars secondary. The preseason game that was played very closely, shows how little it mattered. With a fully tuned up offense and everything clicking Ryan throws for yet again 4 TDs and 300+ yards. Turner runs for 80 yards in the first half and is giving the second half off after leading 31-3 at the half. 10 late 4th quarter points are scored against the 2nd string.



Week 16 - @ New Orleans

L 24-31 - After a dominating performance against Jacksonville, Ryan slips up and throws 2 costly INTs, the first late in the second half, and again in the 4th trying to come back and tie the game. A lackluster run defense allows Ingram to have a great day and keep the defense on the field, wearing them down. Saints move into a 1st place tie in the division with a 12-3 record (losing to Green Bay, Houston, and Atlanta earlier in the year).



Week 17 - Tampa Bay

L 30-28 - After a disappointing loss, and clinching a Wild Card berth Atlanta comes out flat. At this point Tampa is fighting for the 6th seed and it shows. They take an early lead in the first half that we cannot come back from. Josh Freeman plays one of his best games, winding down the clock, and ending our season on a 2 game losing skid, and finally getting a win over the Falcons. 

12-4(513-374) Offense: 32 pts/game Defense: 23.4 pts/game


Predicted Stats (give or take a few)

Ryan 364/560 65% completion 4200 yards 7.5 ypa 34 TDs 12 INTs 98.4 rating

Turner 300 carries 1200 yards 14 TDs

Snelling 100 carries 450 yards 5 TDs 30 receptions 280 yards 2 TDs

Quizz 60 carries 320 yards 2 TDs 25 receptions 320 yards

White 80 recpetions 1200 yards 12 TDs

Jones 50 receptions 1000 yards 8 TDs

HD 60 recptions 800 yards 6 TDs

Tony G 60 receptions 600 yards 6 TDs


Final Division Records

New Orleans 13-3  (12-4 to 14-2)

Atlanta           12-4  (11-5 to 13-3)

Tampa Bay     9-7   (8-8 to 10-6)

Carolina          4-12 (3-13 to 5-11)


Well hope you all enjoyed this, I tried to be as unbiased as possible, and throw some hypothetical outcomes into the mix. Ryan finally puts down all of his critics by throwing for 4000 yards, 30 TDs, and 7.5 YPA I have some high hopes for Julio and think he will really make some big plays as the season develops. Roddy will be his usual dependable self and make clutch plays. Tony G and Turner will see a slightly reduced role due to their mileage and trying to keep them fresh for the playoffs.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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