When did September 11 become the NFL's 4th of July?

A bit off topic but it returned to bug me at lunch today. Heard two guys talking about tickets to "the game" that weekend and it rekindled something. My intense anger stems from the discussion over the 2011 schedule and Giants - Redskins scheduled for that weekend

There have been complaints that the Jets and Giants don't play each other that weekend. Michael Hiestand of USA Today goes just a little bit further 

Not that anybody really needed reminding, but the outpouring of emotion over the killing of Osama bin Laden showed 9/11 still is deeply lodged in the American psyche.

Really? Really? So Usama Bin Laden's death brought back to us that 9/11 actually occurred? So when Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Mohammed Atef planned the attacks they weren't really attacking all of us as Americans? No, they were attacking New York and Washington and their sports schedules? 

Bin Laden is dead, Atef is dead and KSM is imprisoned forever.

Where are my glasses??

Al-Qaeda didn't just attack  New York and Washington. The President didn't say "See if you can kill him before opening day" Of course he didn't help when he said that "We don't need to spike the football" 

When I was in film school I lived on W.29th St. in New York.  I used to stop in the bar at WTC to watch TBS, the Braves. I drank with people who worked there, lived near there and went to the Mosque there. People who died on 9/11 were murdered. Take a look at your house next time you leave for work. Take note of the things that you'll do when you "come home"  Clean up, pick the cake up from the bakery, get your key back from the ex. Then imagine your loved ones coming in later.

We celebrate our freedom won in the Revolutionary War, where different races fought together as they do today. 

Football or not we can't forget that the NFL isn't war. Better get it straight. Better pull it together.

We're at war.

Thus endeth the sermon.

Anyway as always I have to close with a shot of a babe so:





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