I agree with an owner (!) Here comes Chaos

Giants owner Wellington John Mara, uncle of the incredibly hot actress Kate Mara, has sent a "sky is falling letter" to Giants season ticket owners. Since he owns a team in New York the letter is intended for all of us as well. In his letter Mara makes a case for the owners who aren't known to be among those who are viewed as hard-line.  

In his letter entitled "Time To Get Back To Football" Mara correctly states that in the 2006 agreement the players "have readily acknowledged they got a great deal" 

True? Yes, True. When is getting a great deal wrong? Well, when you're on the other side of that deal. What's left out here is that there was immediate backlash from two owners, Cincinnati Bengals  Mike "let 'em eat cake" Brown and Buffalo Wings owner Ralph Wilson. 

Now some of you lambasted me for focusing on Jerry Jones and my contention that this was more of an owner vs. owner conflict than acknowledged and that "chaos" suited some owners just fine. Here is Wilson on the '06 agreement:

"I came into this game 50 years ago because I enjoyed the game of pro football. Not to make money," Wilson said. "In those days, everybody was hoping to break even. We lost money for a number of years. I am really not into the game to make money, but I would like to break even or make a little."

There's the rub, right there. From the 92 yr. old Wilson. How was it possible for owners to just break even? Revenue sharing, and what has Jerry said about revenue sharing?

 "That will stop. That's going to stop. That's called revenue sharing. That's on its way out."

So in essence it's much more complicated than how to split a $9B pie. 

While some owners are angry the players are pissed and it's about the nebulous "respect" issue. Mara and others leave something out here. There are two separate issues here. The current lockout and the pre-prepared Brady, et al vs. NFL suit. The owners act as if the latter preceded the former. I never thought that this suit would see the light of day on any docket. Antitrust is the Achilles heel for the owners. They win on job actions, players win on legal issues. 

I agree with Mara, time to get back to football. Too bad that it's probably too late. The draft, drug testing, free agency depend upon a completed CBA. Maybe both parties forget or don't care but we're getting sick of this. 



"god your fingers are cold"

Kate Mara


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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