Holy freaking crap this was a weird draft. From the blockbuster trades to the reaches(oh the reaches).
An some how a load, load of quality players went undrafted. It is kinda mind blowing that some of these guys didnt get drafted. Lucky for us its fair game now. We can take who ever we want. Our UFA class might be better than our draft itself(minus WH and the quizz).

QB: Pat Devlin/Del.: Was regarded as a 3rd round prospect early in the draft season. Slip due to some character concerns but has the best potential of any QBs that went undrafted.

QB: Adam Froman/Lou.: Nice size with decent accuracy. Basically a younger Redman.

QB: Justin Roper/Mon.: Big QB with nice accuracy. Really havent seen much tape on him but is said to be poise.

Most likely signed: Roper. Devlin by far is the best but character issues might shy FO away. Plus we know how TD likes to draft players from the same college(biermann and schilling).

RB: Derrick Locke/UK: Was rated as high as a 3rd rd pick but some how fell. Don't know if we go after him since he is basically the same type back as Quizz.

RB: Noel Devine/WV: Very quick back who was rated in the 5th rd area. Again the same type of player as Quizz.

RB: Graig Cooper/Mia(FL.): Really not suprised he wasn't drafted due to health issues. To me is one of the sleepers in this draft. Could become a starter if he can stay healthy.

Most Likely signed: Locke.Even though he is the same type as Quizz.. To me is to valuable to pass up.

WR: Ricardo Lockette/F ValleySt.: A fast receiver with catching issues. Given we need a deep threat he is in play.

WR: Darvin Adams/Aub. A mid rd prospect. This guy is my favorite UFA WR. Is clutch and can work the sidelines. Would love to sign him.

WR: Vidal Hazelton/Cin.: The one player Im rooting for. Has some durability issues but is a big WR with a chip on his shoulder.

WR: Tori Gurley/SC: Late rd prospect with great hands. Didnt have a drop all last year. Might be in play as TE as well.

Most Likely signed: Lockette and Hazelton. As much as I want Adams Im sure we wont target him. FO has already met with Lockette and im sure TD has a heart so Vidal should be in red and black this summer as well.

TE: Schuylar Oordt/NIowa: Late rd prospect who slipped. Has nice size and some potential. Also played in a run heavy system.

TE: Mike McNeil/Neb: A late rd prospect. Good blocker with soft hands. Able to find the soft spots. Reminds me of dallas clark.

TE: Collin Franklin/IowaSt.: A big TE who was the go to guy for the cyclones. Very underrated and would love to have him.

Most Likely Signed: Stephen Skelton. Didnt list him but we have had contact with him. Same build as Palmer.

OL: Willie Smith/ECU: A 5th rd prospect with goo upside. Converted TE who is still raw but has potential to be a starter. Can play G or T.

OL: Zachary Hurd/UConn.: A big G who is great at run blocking. Still a developmental prospect but could become a starter in the near future.

OL: Garret Chilosm/SC: Big strong G. Has some technique issues and is considered a back up as best.

Most Likely signed: Smith. Too talented to pass up. Could replace Clabo in the near future and should take Reynolds spot from day 1.

DL: Cedric Thornton/CenArk.: A D2 prospect who dominated his league. Good pass rush and against the run. Has starter potential. Can also play at DE.

DL: Pierre Allen/Neb. A DE with long arms and a quick 1st step. Benefited from playing with Suh and Crick. With our DE crop full dont think he will get much consideration.

DL: Martin Parker/Rich.: A star in the FCS. Has nimble feet and uses his hands well. Could team up with fromer team mate Sidbury.

Most Likely Signed: Parker. Provides good depth and TD loves to draft former team mates.

LB: Mark Herzlich/BC: Highly touted as best LB in this class before being diagnosed with cancer. Still hasnt returned to from but when he does he will be a monster.Will be highly sought after. Reminds me of Brain Urlacher.

LB: Scott Lutrus/Uconn.: Has starter potential. Displays good awareness and flashes the ability to make sideline to sideline plays. Could become a strong side LB.

Most likely signed: Lutrus. Really dont need another LB but depth is depth. Herzlich will probably be the most sought after UFA so getting him will be difficult.

CB: Kendric Burney/UNC: A 2nd rd prospect. Dont know how he slipped. A undersized CB with good instincts. Will be a nickel corner at best.

CB: Mario Butler/GT: Has nice size but lacks instincts and is probably a 4th spot corner on most teams.

S: Duenta Williams/UNC.: A 2nd rd prospect. A big S who has starter potential. Has good speed and great hands. A sure tackler with nice awareness.

Most Likely signed: Williams and Burney. Both would be steals and im pretty sure we wont get both. Not as sold on Decoud as most and would love to have williams and Moore in the secondary.

So here's my opinion on this yrs UFA class. Tell me what you guys think.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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