Coach Power Rankings

The guys over at ESPN come out with their weekly power rankings of the different roles in the NFL. So far, the Falcons have been well represented in just about every position, and in my opinion, with a relative accuracy... until now. Today was the coaches power rankings. Here is a link for the page with the explanations.

Now, I partially agree with this list to a point. To start this off, my top ten would be as follows:

1. Bill Belichick- The guy wins and he has three Super Bowls to show for it. The Pats are always a feared team and the guy wearing the hoodie contributes to it.

2. Mike Tomlin- Again, Super Bowls tell the story. Pittsburgh is a scary team to play. The Steelers are a tough franchise to please and I would say Tomlin does a great job of it.

3. Sean Payton- He won a Super Bowl recently, the Saints are a good team with an explosive offense. I hate to see one of the best coaches in the league coaching our rivals, but I will give credit when it is due.

4. Mike McCarthy- This is a power rankings, and his team did just win the Super Bowl. He dealt with a lot of injuries, and still made the most of it. I'm not quite ready to put him higher, but with some continued success, he will be there shortly.

5. Mike Smith- Maybe I'm a homer, but I think the work Smith has done in Atlanta is deserving of a top 5 coach at this moment. The biggest knock on him is he hasn't won a playoff game yet. He is also yet to face a team in the playoffs that hasn't made it to the Super Bowl.

6. Andy Reid- The Eagles are always competitive. I would be willing to say they were the most dominant team in the NFC the last decade. The Eagles scare the hell out of me, and Andy Reid has done a solid job of keeping them on top.

7. Tom Coughlin- This was where things started to get difficult. Coughlin won a Super Bowl in one of the greatest upsets in NFL history. The Giants are always competitive and always have Super Bowl aspirations.

8. John Harbough- In the playoffs, the guy wins on the road. His team has yet to really break through though, and I think with that defense aging, their time might be running out. But the fact is, he wins.

9. Rex Ryan- I greatly dislike Rex Ryan. His antics, his personality, ugh. Regardless, he has been to two AFC championships in two years. Maybe it's luck (We know it definitely isn't Mark Sanchez). But he is winning now, and that merits a top ten ranking.

10 Ken Whisenhunt- I put him on here because he took a team that was a heavy underdog to the Super Bowl. He needs to find a quarterback, but I think once he does, he could have Arizona at the top of the West for years to come.

Honorable Mention- Jim Caldwell and Lovie Smith. Both guys have had winning teams the past few years. Lovie lost in the Super Bowl to the Colts, but he hasn't done much recently (I believe there were even reports that his job was at times in jeopardy). Caldwell inherited a goldmine, but he hasn't done a lot with it yet. If he can sustain this team for the rest of Peyton Manning's career, he will earn my respect. As of yet, I have him down here.

There are a few obvious disparities between my list and the list over at ESPN. First, Mike Shanahan received no thought from me. Honestly, he doesn't deserve any. He has done nothing in Washington (potentially even making it worse). Over his career, he is a fantastic coach, but considering his team's haven't had a winning record since 2006, he is not a top ten coach right now. I have Lovie Smith lower than the guys at ESPN, and I have Mike Smith higher. Regardless, let me know what you guys think of their list, my list, and what your rankings would be.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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