Falcons "copycat" the Colts, instead of the Patriots

 It now seems like the Falcons may indeed be a team looking to copycat the Indianapolis Colts, and how they approach the draft.

 Do the Colts trade five draft picks to move up and get one? No, but their philosophy has been they know they have a great QB, how can we make him one of the best EVER???  Surround him with as many weapons as possible.

The Falcons are currently the only team in the league with three former #1 draft picks at WR (four if you count Julio as 2 first round picks)

This after obtaining a quality RB and LT to help out  Matt Ryan during his rookie year, and then giving him a hall-of-fame TE ( a QBs best friend) as a present for his second season.


This is part of a write-up I did prior to the 2010 draft: so it does not include 2010, 2011 draft picks.



For years we have heard that the NFL is a "copycat" league, but if that were true, why hasnt anyone tried to copy the Indianapolis Colts?? 

Dont get me wrong, it wouldnt be easy right?  draft a hall of fame QB (Manning), WR (Marvin Harrison), RB (Marshall Faulk, and possible/doubtful Edgerin James) ect.

But although the Colts have an unconventional approach, it is possibl

e for many teams to copy it.

The Colts as we know them were started a few years BEFORE drafting Peyton Manning with the first pick in the 1999 draft.

Manning came into the league with a fighting chance because the foundation had been 1994 the colts drafted Marshal Faulk, and in 1996 got Marvin Harrison, both dependable and productive B.P. (before Peyton).

Then the year before drafting Manning, they spent both their 1st and 2nd rd picks on offensive tackles, Tarik Glenn and Adam Meadows.  Manning had the foundation set for a good OLine, and RB that can both run and catch out of the backfield , a dependable WR in Harrison, and two more WRs (Jerome Pathon and EG Green ) drafted the same year as Mannying.

But this is where the Colts took the UNCONVENTIONAL APPROACH.....despite a pretty well stocked offense all ready in place, they have continued to add more and more weapons for Manning.....they drafted RB (Edge, Addii, Brown) in the first round three more times, WR (Reggie Wayne, Anthony Gonzalez) two more times, TE (Dallas Clark) once, and traded a future 1st round pick in 2008 for a high 2nd rd pick in 2007 to draft Tony Ugoh (a person they hoped they could groom to be their next LT).

On the other hand, since drafting Manning in 1999,  they only have drafted defense THREE TIMES (Rob Morrris, Freeney, Marlin Jackson).

In recent years, quite a few QBs have come into the league (Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Flaco, Mark Sanchez) that has the POTENTIAL to develope into really good QBs, but if their teams want them to be then NEXT PEYTON MANNING, they may want to consider drafting like the NEXT INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!!

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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