Day 2 and 3 mock

First off Id like to apologize to Mr. Dimitroff. I over reacted to the JJ trade and I apologize. The more I think about it Im starting to like it. So this is what we have a 3rd,5th,6th, and 3 7ths. So here we go.

Trade: Trade our 3rd for a 4th and a extra 5th.

4: Demarco Murray/RB/Okl: Teams seem to be more worry of injury prone players in this draft(ala Bowers). Highly touted coming out of high school. A athletic freak with soft hands. Was thought to be as good or even better as AP. I know he has injury issues but if he had stayed healthy he would have been a top 25 pick. Id take a chance on him in the 4th. Plus we know how TD likes to draft players from the same school.

5a: Ricky Elmore/OLB/DE/Arz.: I know alot of you guys want Romeus here but Ill pass. I usually dont like my DEs undersized but this guy potential is pretty good. To me on tape he is a better prospect than brooks reed( who will probably go in the 2nd). He has a quick 1st step and a non stop motor. He is also scheme diverse so when we do get a new DC(and we will). We will have players to fit any kind of scheme.

5b: Willie Smith/OT/ECU: Very athletic OT with long arms. Versatile as well can also play G. Former TE who is still learning the position. Has good upside and should compete with Reynolds for the 2nd or starting spot.

6. Darvin Adams/WR/Aub.: Nice size with speed. Has very soft hands. Is clutch. Makes big receptions on 3rd down and has nice footwork on the sidelines. Has very long arms and should compete for the slot position from day 1. Adams, Jones, and White is a crazy corp.

7a. Alex Wujiack/ILB/Mar.:  Very productive LB in college(381 tackles in 3 years). Has good instincts and play with a fierce intensity. Plays very disciplined and with a high motor. Has decent coverage skills and should be the #2 ILB from the get go.

7b. Collin Franklin/TE/Iowa St.: Sleeper. Nice size (6-6, 256lb). Was to the go to guy at Iowa St. Ranked 2nd nationally among TEs with 4.5 receptions a game. Very strong, soft hands, and can find the soft spots in coverage. Should benefit from having TG as a tutor. Palmer and Franklin should be a nice tandem at TE.

7c. Korey Lindsey/CB/SIU: Guy from a school around my hometown. Has nice size(5-10, 194lbs).  Had 14 ints in his 4 yr career. A ball hawk with great instincts. Could be a stud after a couple years of seasoning.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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