Mock draft 2.0 PC

Im back with another draft so here it is.

Free Agency: I think Car will franchise( if possible) Johnson but we still could get Edwards(which i rather not). I think we will get a CB like Marshall from Car in FA.


Trade Micheal Jenkins for a 4th rd pick. I know he had a great season with some clutch plays but Im still not sold. We could pick up a Malcolm Floyd or another player to replace him.

1. Justin Houston/DE/UGA: I really wasnt sold on this guy at first but now Im a believer. He reminds me of Dummerveil from Den or Ware from Dal. Both which are double digit sack guys. Im one of fans that believes our D is too vanilla. This guy could bring some diversity to our defense and bring a consistent pass rush we been searching for.

2. Jerrell Jernigan/WR/Troy: Great route runner with nice hands. Has the ability to score any time the balls in his hands. Can be the YAC player we been looking for and is as tough as nails. Great instincts and a team captain which TD covets.

3. Marcus Gilbert/OT/Fla. Versatile OL who has played RT and G for Fla. Very agile OL with great technique and alot of upside. He can come in and start for any of the OL we have up for FA.

4a.Demarcus Van Dyke/CB/Mia(Fla.): One of my favorite CBs in this draft. Is a tall kid(6-1) and a little of the skinny side(178) but has speed for days. Plays with alot of swag and has great hips, vision, and instincts. Will grow into his frame in time and should help complete our CB corp.

4b. Julius Thomas/TE/Port. St.: Since we missed out on Jimmy Graham last yr(im still pissed hes with the saints) might as well get a clone. Former basketball player(same genre as Gonzo) with great hands and looked very fluid at the combine. He does need to work on some things like his blocking in particular but with Gonzo helping him he could be a Antonio Gates type of steal.

5. Cedric Thornton/DT/Ark. St.: Sleeper. Versatile DL who can play DE or DT. Dominated his league in college and could become a very good player in the NFL.

6. Lester Jean/WR/Fla. Int.: Sleeper. Jenks replacement. Big guy (6-3) with good speed. Ran a 4.51 at his pro day. Has great hands and can adjust to the ball in route. To me one of the top 5 deep threats in this draft. Youtube him to see if you dont believe me. Needs to improve his route running but he has all the skills to be a monster at the next level.

7a. Tawian Jones/RB/EWU: My steal of the draft. Speed demon who has the ability to score any time he touches the ball. His nickname isnt Juice for no reason. Dominated his league and has great balance and vision. Downside is I dont know if he can run between the tackles yet but he can develop into a quality #2 back for us.

7b. Davonte Shannon/SS/Buf.: Had him in my previous drafts but I really like this kid. He is a tackling machine. Hard hitting safety who can contribute right away on ST.

7c. Matt Bosher/K/Mia(Fla.): Im tired of renting kickers. Lets get a young kid for the future and here he is. A big leg K who also punted in college.

So tell me what you think.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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