Saturday Six Pack: CBA Extended Edition 3/5/11

Take a weekend off and indulge in a six pack of these. After all, we're not the ones pulling our hair out over getting an agreement done...Oh wait, we are.

Well, the CBA expiration was pushed back 7 days. Hopefully they'll get a deal hammered out really soon. I'd hate for there to be no football this year because, well, that would be terrible.

It's a shame how money driven our world is, but it's life, I reckon. Let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

AJC: As is the norm these days, the AJC bats lead off with a couple of interesting articles. First, a post about the extension of the CBA deadline. This one is pretty elaborate. It's worth a read. Next, former Raider Anthony Smith charged in killing. It's a shame to see stories like this. 

(Falcons news is so hard to come by now. Geez laweez.)

ESPN: Pat Yasinskas reports here that the Falcons place a lot of value on depth, especially OL depth. He talks about Will Svitek's contract terms, which is cool. To be honest, if Svitek is the backup at LT, he should probably make a wee bit more than the average backup just because of how important an LT is to a team.

Niners Nation: The bros over at Niners Nation were bored and decided to do a mock draft. They have Missouri DE Aldon Smith being plucked up by us at #27. Three Missouri players in three seasons? Maybe, but ehhhhh..... They have Kerrigan going at 28 to the Pats, and he's kinda a favorite around here, so we'll see what happens.

San Antonio...something or other: Charles Odum of the AP lends his article to here. He writes about the Falcons' LBs and their desire to work out this spring/summer even if a new CBA isn't reached. I think this speaks volumes about the team and even though Nicks and Mo Pete are going to be FAs this year, they still want to work out with their fellow potentially former teammates. It's impressive.

SB Nation ATL: In a time of boring, often lackluster football news, sometimes there is a light that shines through the abyss and provides hope for a fanbase. Our very own Troy Heinzman at SBN ATL provides that light. This is a great read and it talks about some of the more recent powerhouses of the league both having very good and very bad stretches. I have to agree with Troy. This is a darn good time to be a fan of the Birds.

Random Funny: The Onion is hilarious. I turned to it this week for this disturbing article. As fate would have it, John Clayton has actually never been on TV. Who knew?

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