mock draft 2.0

There are some of the same picks, and some new ones after the combine.
im liking the tradeing out of the 1st round for 2nd and 3rd.

2a.DE (texas) sam acho: good at the combine, could start opposite abraham if beirman doesnt step up , they eventually take over abes spot

2b WR(abilene christain): Edmund gates: fast with some speed. Has explosiveness TD is looking for.

3a. OLB: dontay moch(nevada): in my previous mock draft, some of you didnt like this but he proved himself in the combine, he just needs to bulk up a bit.

3b. TE: virgil green(nevada): was one of the best TE's of the combine. This would be a perfect person for TG to mentor. I think him and palmer would be a good pair of receiving TE's when gonzo retires and leaves his knowledge with them.

4. OT: Marcus gilbert(florida): this dude is 6'6 330 pounds. he is quick for his size, no charicter problems, studies playbook and hardwork. He has a long reach distance and can get to faster De's because of that. the only thing he needs to work on is continueing his blocks instead of being happy of just getting in the way.

5. CB buster skrine(chatanooga): lit up the combine had him in first mock: the dude is fast, strong, got good verts. He is a grimes  2.0 so he could play nickel immediatley over Chris owens. His stock was originally at 7, but he showed just how good he really is at the combine. On his profile it says he is a poor tackler...if u watch his film he flys like a cannon ball through the air. AS long as he wraps up he will be fine. they say he will lose to taller Wr's in jump balls...i say not with his vertical. (biggest one wish list to come true)

6.a HB(maryland): da'rel scott: Fast as heck, good size for the next level, i think norwoody is gone this year.

6b SS(Pick from new england)(tenesse state) Eugene clifford: looking at his profile on  cbs. it looks like he is great at ball hawking with a decent size and speed. would be good to have some backing up c4 moore.

7. HB(nebraska): roy helu i know you are saying no way do we pick up a second HB. well i think we may lose snelling so we have turner and G. johnson. (two bruisers) now i say we get two Fast scat backs, because sometimes staying healthy is harder for smaller faster Hb's

FA: WR(fort valley state): Ricardo lockette a steal if we get him as a F/A.

For some odd reason i cant find out if we got a 6th or 7th for ojinakka so i guessed 6th. if im missing draft picks let me know for my next mock. This mock would make me pretty happy. the only thing is that i wouldnt be to upset if we went for a HB earlier. Unfortunatley we desperatly need DE. We have no explosive WR keeping pressure off of roddy. one of our olb's is on life support. we could lose some of out line. So HB as it is has to be lower. (we still have one of the best HB's and our team is built around the run. SO i think the two in this mock would be perfect as a nothing more than a recieving change of pace back that could be put in if we need to score quickly with their speed. comment please please please.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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