My 3-4 Mock Draft

I know we dont have most of the parts for this kind of engine. This is for pure fantasy.

I would like to trade out of the first rd. Get a 2nd and a 3rd from Buf or Arz.

2a: Brooks Reed/OLB/DE/Arz.: Would be my pick on either scheme. Great work ethic and has a non stop motor. Good speed with sneaky power. Reminds me of Clay Matthews in his approach and type of game.

2b: Ryan Williams/RB/VT: I know this guy has durability issues but that hasnt been an issue for TD in the past. Very solid prospect with good speed and great agility. Also runs tough and can block. Needs to imporve on his catching out the backfield. Turner cant run for 300+ att. a year for much longer.

3a: Curtis Marsh/CB/Utah St.: Very big corner (6-1,194lbs) with great upside. Has fluid hips with great recover speed. Can also come up and make the hit. Great work ethic and could compete with Grimes for starting spot.

3b: Marcus Gilbert/OT/Fla. Has been a standard now in some of my latest mocks. Very athletic OL with great upside. Has good balance and body control. Great positional blocker and can work in space and the second level.

4. Sione Fua/NT/Stan.: Here would be our NT. I know we could probably get a NT earlier but I think we would run more of a Wade 3-4. Which he fits better weighing in at only 310 lbs. Good hands and power at point of attack. Can be disruptive and can open gaps for our LBs.

5.Julius Thomas/TE/Port. ST.: Former basketball player with nice size. Shows good hands and speed. Has to improve route running but Im sure Gonzo can help him with that. Looked very fluid at the combine being he has played football for a short period of time. Could be another Antonio Gates.

6. Stephen Burton/WR/West Tex A&M.: One of my favorite sleepers. Good hands with great speed. Very tough WR who can catch the ball over the middle. Should compete with HD for slot WR.

7. Davonte Shannon/SS/Buf. Another standard in my mocks. A tackling machine. As a freshman at Buffalo broke their single season record with 123 tackles. Has good instincts and can play in the box. Could improve in coverage. Earned All MAC first team honors last year.

7. Vidal Hazelton/WR/Cin.: A good WR with a chip on his shoulder and he wants to play for us. Im sold. Good speed and a great route runner. Big reciever who has been compared to TO. Has some durability issues but at this stage in the draft most prospects do. I really like his game and think he might become a pro bowler.

7. Alex Wujaciak/ILB/Mar.: Was tempted to go with another NT here but Im sure we could grab a UFA or FA NT. Another tackling machine notching 131 tackles(8.5 TFL) and All ACC first team honors last yr. Speed could be a issue but at this point he is a back up.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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