My Mock Draft 2.0

I know this is my 2nd draft in the last couple of days but my goal is to be a scout so practice makes perfect. Plus I wanted to give a new list of prospects we could go after. We also have a second 7th rd pick.

I still think we make the trade but its more likely that we get a 2nd and a 3rd.

2a: Leonard Hankerson/WR/Mia(FL): Improved route runner with HUGE hands. Catches almost everything. Great compliment to Roddy and plus hes from WR U.

2b: Sam Acho/DE/Tex: This DE class this year isnt that deep so I assume TD grabs one early. Acho has nice speed and has been impressive at the senoir bowl. Could have an immediate impact.

3a: Derrick Locke/RB/UK: As i said before its really a toss up between him and Vereen for me. He also has great field vision, is a little faster than Vereen, and has a little power to boot. He also can catch very well.

3b: Lawrence Wilson/OLB/UConn: An underrated playmaker with good sideline to sideline speed. Has very good instincts and is one of the quickest LBs in this draft.

4: Darius Morris/OT/Temple: Sleeper Alert. I know how this staff likes versatile OL and he fits the bill. Can play G or T. Very competitive and has a good overall skill set.

5: Demarcus Van Dyke/CB/Mia(FL): This CB class is very deep and there are alot of great CBs we can get late. Great speed and good instincts. Very underrated playing next to Brandon Harris.Has the size (6-1) but needs to put on a little bit more weight. Also could go with Sharice Wright.

6: Rob Housler/TE/Fla Atl.: I see alot of mocks with us drafting a TE anywhere from 1st rd to not at all. I think this guy is intriguing. He has the height(6-5) but only weighs 220 and is a poor blocker. He has great hands and is very athletic. Could play WR in some packages. Could be our Aaron Hernandez.

7a: Saia Falahoa/DT/Ariz St.: We need depth on the DL and plus he can rush the passer.

7b: Nate Williams/SS/Wash.: Very consistent player and has good instincts. Is a natural born leader. Also could go with Dom DeCisso(Pitt) or Davonte Shannon(Buf).

Some more UFAs:

Marshall Williams/WR/Wake: In case HD doesnt come around. Has good speed and good hands. Still prefer Koulianos.

Chris Harris/CB/Kan: Depth. Has the size(6-0,185) and is also a great tackler.

Darrin Walls/CB/ND: More Depth. Very physical corner who can be a force in the run game.

Derrick Epperson/P/Baylor: Seems like Koenen is a free agent every offseason. Might want to look at this guy. Very tall P(6-3) and has a huge leg.

DeQuin Evans/DE/UK: A JUCO transfer who had 6 sacks in his first year at Kentucky.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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