A Saints Fan Delivers Needed Perspective

I'm not sure a lot of posters saw pdehaan's comment from the Postgame Thread on Sunday, but it deserves to be framed here on the Falcoholic, in my opinion. I know no one likes to lose - well, except maybe the more masochist ATL fans (which there seem to be a lot of around the 404/770/678, strangely) - but this place literally goes bonkers when the Falcons come up on the short end. But, hey, it's your right to be nuts about a loss as much as it is mine to sigh deeply and look forward to the next game. Nevertheless, here's some perspective from a Saints fan that should be required reading for this site, especially following a loss.

unbelievable how much everybody is whining

warning: Saints troll here.

You all sound like the frickin sky is falling. You guys are too emotional. No team goes from zero to Superbowl in one or two years. It’s a very difficult process and some never acchieve it (no pun intended). Just look at the Eagles, Chargers and Vikings. They have been great this last decade or so, but nothing much to show for. The colts only had one super bowl to show for.

Yes, you had a 13 win season, and expectations ran extremely high. But if you look at it, honestly, there were many wins you scraped by. An excellent year, but not as dominant as 13-3 would usually indicate. You were bound to fall off a little. 13-3 seasons are not easy to come by in this league!
I remember the Saints after the 10-6 season in 2006. They followed that up with 7-9 and 8-8 seasons and nobody took Brees seriously anymore in the league, even with 4000+ passing yards in each of these seasons. And then of course came 2009

You’re still looking at the play offs and anything can happen.
Also, yes, Ryan is off at times on the long throws, but he’s an amazing quarterback. You think we don’t sweat it when he’s doing another of those lengthy drives on our sometimes miserable defense?

Even if we’re supposed to hate you guys, secretly we envy your defense. We’d swap ours for yours in a heartbeat. You’ve got most of the pieces in place. Be happy you’ve got a very good team. Some results suck. That’s just how it is. We lost to the Rams, for crying out loud. Shit happens. The sky ain’t falling. You will still be contenders for quite some years to come.

Keep that in mind. Oh, and as odd as it seems to have to do this, thanks pdehaan. We hope you won't need to remind of this on Dec. 26th.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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