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Ahhhhh... good ole' Week 17, who would of thought it would have affected so many teams playoff pictures. It can determine if you face a amazing team or a decent team (Us), it can even determine if you make it to the playoffs (Giants, Cowgirls, Broncos, etc.). I don't remember when Week 17 was so stressful. Well, in this new post similar to a one that I previously made I'm predicting a whole week and the teams that win, you all can feel free to chime in. The picks are after the jump!

Lions vs Packers- Well, this is the game that determines our playoff picture, Is the Packers bench their starters all way out and lose, then the Lions stay 5th seed. But, if they keep A-Rod out there for at least a half, I think he can put up enough points to let his backup keep the lead. Besides, they have many weapons that I think any QB can throw to. This choice might be a bit bias but I'm picking the Pack by a close game.You know I now realize my hate for KC beating the Packers, they would have been playing for a perfect season. AKA a definite win for them. I still take the PACKERS

Titans vs Texans- I'm taking the Texans, I know they have been slipping recently. But I still think they got this. I know they've locked up their playoff already, but they will be determined to get off a three game losing streak to losing teams. TEXANS

Jaguars vs Colts- When there are two losing teams playing I always think about factors. Passing, both teams horrible, Defense, could be way better, Running, POCKET HERCULES. I give the edge to the Jags. JAGUARS

Jets vs Dolphins- Miami, Miami, Miami. YOU HAD THE GAME LAST WEEK. 17 POINTS. Your defense needs to step up. Jets, are okay I guess. I feel no pity for Miami, they are spoiled in B-Ball. I'm also predicting Heat for Champs! I take JETS

Bears vs Vikings- I know about the whole loss for playoff clincher but I feel bad for the Bears. So much crap happened to them. I want them to blowout the Vikings to get some respect back. I take the BEARS

Patriots vs Bills- Even if the, Pats rest their starters I still take them. I guess the whole Fitzpatrick thing isn't real. Now much else to say about this game, I take the PATRIOTS

Panthers vs Saints- I hope Drew Brees gets an injury that lasts only to the day after the first game in the playoffs, since, despite my pick we are probably getting the 6th seed. I sadly take the SAINTS

Redskins vs Eagles- You know how the Redskins keep close games most of the times, yeah that's not happening against the Eagles or the Dream Team. IDK what previously happened to them but they are hot and I dont want to see them in the playoffs. I take the EAGLES

49ers vs Rams- I would rather face the 9ers if we have 6th seed but they arent losing. I take the 49ERS

Seahawks vs Cardinals- I honestly don't know what to say about this game but I know I'll take the CARDINALS

Ravens vs Bengals- I don't know why but I hate the Ravens. I think it's because our franchises are tied with the whole Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan thing. I hope the Bengals win but I take the RAVENS

Steelers vs Browns- I predict the Steelers win the AFC Championship and this game. STEELERS

Cheifs vs Broncos- TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Time is stupid. Not True. Can't beat a decent team. I still take the BRONCOS

Chargers vs Raiders- Phillip Rivers is a douche because he wants to be Drew Brees but they still win. I take them. It's a big game. CHARGERS


Bucs vs Falcons- If Lions win rest our starters. That simple. If not it should be a HUGE blowout, and if not than it will be disappointing. I think Falcons win. FALCONS

So obviously this week is big and decides whether or not we would be 5th seed or not. So im going to leave a

little poll and I want to see what you guys think.

Atlanta Falcons

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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