Is Mike Smith and his staff alike Mike Woodson?

For those who don't know.

Mike Woodson was the previous coach of the Atlanta Hawks who from the 2004-05 season turned a horrid 13-69 team into a perrienial playoff team that we know today.

Each year the Hawks record improved to 26-56, then 30-52, then making the playoffs for the first time in a decade at 37-45, 47-35, then in his final season 53-29.

So yes the Hawks Record improved each year under Mike Woodson.

But unless you watched the Hawks like we did. You wouldn't have known the dark truth about them. They couldn't get out of the first round. And during the season they would have some head scratching losses, but for the most part they would win games they were suppose to win.

In a vague way...doesn't this sound relatively similiar, if not identical to the Atlanta Falcons?

Since 2008 they've won at least 9 games, remained relevant in the playoffs, beating teams they are suppose to beat, but often getting thrashed by teams like the Saints, Patriots, Steelers (although a close one), The Packers, and NFC East Teams minus the Redskins.

Made the playoffs 2 of the last 3 previous seasons, but couldn't get out of the first round despite a valiant effort in the 2008 season and facing another hot team in GB two years later. (Almost like the Hawks playing the Celtics to game 7 in 2008 - hanging in there but a loud thud in the end)

Now the Falcons are more than likely fated to face the Saints in the first round in the playoffs.

The same team that just mopped the floor against them 45-16 last night in the Superdome.

Similiarly last season the Falcons played a 3 point game against the Packers albeit in a win, but loss badly to them in the two games since.

This season they lost a 3 point game to the Saints earlier and got blown out by them last night. Almost like how the Hawks kept losing to Orlando in 2010 in the playoffs (blown out in every game, with no adjustments made)

Also the similiarities continue with Woodson and Mike Smith in how they used their players. Not a good rotation. Keep new guys with potential on the bench, and never use them in the offense.

Kerry Meier, Mike Cox, and Jacquizz Rodgers, seems to be like Jeff Teague was at first, and Jordan Crawford, Pape Sy, Keith Benson, are not no longer on the roster for the Hawks despite being drafted just recently.

Michael Turner is kinda like Joe Johnson...(although I don't think Turner is overpaid like Joe). Still good, but overused versus the rest of the talent.

After each lost Mike Smith seems rather Tepid at best, saying there are things that needs to be addressed and fixed. At best we win another game or two against weak opponents to calm our suspicions, then comes a team with a better record like last night, and we look worse than before.

So my point is, is Mike Smith (and his staff) only good for rebuilding this franchise, but not good enough to take them over the hump, like with a playoff game for once? Something Jim Mora managed to do in his first season...yeah I know he fizzed in the two season after that but it's worth mentioning.

We have better talent than then, but keep under performing. Almost like the Saints and other teams play for a BCS title, but the Falcons are more of a Division 1 A team. Even the Panthers and Bucs can take a game or two from them but not the Falcons who are now 2-10 against them since 2006.

Can the Falcons finally or ever will win a playoff game? Or are we all just....

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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