Predicting the future

So Dave's post the other day got me thinking and I've decided to put down my ideal scenario for the next few weeks.

Final Standings

1. Packers 14-2

2. Niners 12-4/13-3 (depending on whether they can beat the seahawks in seattle)

3. Falcons 11-5

4. Giants/Cowboys 9-7

5. Saints 11-5

6. Bears 9-7

Follow me after the jump to see how I got here and what I expect to happen in the playoffs.

First the Regular Season

Week 16

Bears beat Pack - Cutler comes back and rejuvenates the bears

Chargers beat Lions - Rivers doing his annual december thing

Eagles beat Cowboys - Coz you know the cowboys will choke it when it looks like they have a way in

Giants beat Jets - Coz you think the Giants are crap and they have to prove you wrong

Panthers beat Bucs - Coz I want the panthers confidence up for the next week

and lastly

Falcons beat Saints - and its going to be a mediocre to bad game for Ice but we still pull out the win

Week 17

Pack beats Lions - Pack comes back angry after two straight losses

Bears beat Vikes - Coz vikes suck

Giants beat Cowboys - truthfully I fully expect the giants to shit the bed in a win and your in scenario especially when they are favored and are at home, but since i dislike the cowboys i will give the gmen the win

Panthers beat Saints - Sending Cam-mania into overdrive (think tebow time)

Falcons beat Bucs - Giving us the division for the second straight year.

and then the Playoffs

Round 1

Saints beat Giants/Cowboys - Coz you know both of them will shit the bed against the saints

Falcons beat Bears - Falcons take down a full strength bears lineup avenging our season starting loss

Round 2

Pack beat Saints - Entertaining game that the Saints barely lose

Falcons beat 49ers - Matty has a poor game again but we still pull out a win returning the favor for years of NFC West misery.

NFC Championship

Falcons beat Packers - Avenging the regular season loss as well as last season's playoff exit


Falcons beat Texans - Avenging the regular season loss (beginning to see a pattern??)

So we win the superbowl while having beaten every team that beat us in the regular season.

I've had a gut feeling the falcons are superbowl bound this year but I didnt want to jinx it so I never put it down on paper. But as you can see this scenario is unlikely enough to be completely unjinxable :)

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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