Non-advanced stats update

I know, I know. NFL stats don't mean near as much as MLB stats....hell, you could even argue that non-advanced stats in the NBA and "that sport they play on ice" are much more valuable than NFL stats.

but.....I'm gonna go there anyways, after the jump, and point out a few things that surprised me.

QB's (Keep in mind that only 12 QB's will be slinging passes in week 18, in this QB driven league - always wanted to say that-)

Did you know that Matt Ryan has the 6th most passing TD's in the league?

1 Aaron Rodgers GB 40
2 Drew Brees NO 37
3 Tom Brady NE 35
4 Matthew Stafford DET 33
5 Tony Romo DAL 29
6 Matt Ryan ATL 26

Did you know that Matt Ryan has the 10th best QB rating (and yes I know its a flawed statistic)?

1 Aaron Rodgers GB 120.1
2 Drew Brees NO 109.1
3 Tom Brady NE 106.7
4 Tony Romo DAL 102.6
5 Matt Schaub HOU 96.8
6 Matthew Stafford DET 93.8
7 Eli Manning NYG 91.7
8 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 91.5
9 Alex Smith SF 91.1
10 Matt Ryan ATL 90.5

Did you know that Matt Ryan is tied for 9th most 40+ yard completions (interestingly enough, and for very different reasons, he's tied with "the great Cam", and .....Carson Palmer)?

Rk Player Team 20+ 40+
1 Eli Manning NYG 58 15
2 Matthew Stafford DET 46 14
3 Aaron Rodgers GB 60 12
4 Tom Brady NE 62 11
4 Tony Romo DAL 54 11
6 Andy Dalton CIN 44 10
7 Drew Brees NO 60 9
7 Matt Schaub HOU 37 9
9 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 55 8
9 Matt Ryan ATL 48 8
9 Cam Newton CAR 62 8
9 Kevin Kolb ARI 23 8
9 Carson Palmer OAK 34 8

Did you know Matt Ryan is 10th in the league in yards per game?

1 Drew Brees NO 341.4
2 Tom Brady NE 328.1
3 Eli Manning NYG 311.6
4 Aaron Rodgers GB 311.4
5 Matthew Stafford DET 296.1
6 Philip Rivers SD 286.8
7 Tony Romo DAL 278.2
8 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 275.4
9 Cam Newton CAR 265.9
10 Matt Ryan ATL 264.1

Being that this is an "off" year for our beloved QB, I was very surprised that a "down" year would show a top ten QB. Interesting. Not what you would believe if you just watched ESPN, or any top-ten QB ranking list.


Did you know that we have two receivers in the top 7 for receptions?

1 Wes Welker NE WR 104
2 Jimmy Graham NO TE 87
3 Roddy White ATL WR 85
4 Calvin Johnson DET WR 81
5 Darren Sproles NO RB 79
6 Rob Gronkowski NE TE 75
7 Tony Gonzalez ATL TE 74

Did you know that Julio Jones is tied for 6th in the league for 40+ yard receptions?

Rk Player Team Pos 20+ 40+
1 Calvin Johnson DET WR 22 8
2 Larry Fitzgerald ARI WR 20 7
2 A.J. Green CIN WR 19 7
4 Victor Cruz NYG WR 18 6
4 Mike Wallace PIT WR 16 6
6 Julio Jones ATL WR 12 5
6 Jordy Nelson GB WR 15 5
6 Hakeem Nicks NYG WR 15 5
6 Laurent Robinson DAL WR 11 5
6 Steve Smith CAR WR 27 5
6 Nate Washington TEN WR 9 5

Maybe Roddy isn't just a drop machine, and Julio is a beast down the field. ESPN could have fooled me. ....and all of this on a "down" passing year for the Falcons. You add Michael Turner to these stats and maybe we got an offense or something. With a 9th ranked DEF (yup we're now sitting at 9th) we could actually win a playoff game on the road.

(All stats from

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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