Wait for it....thats right another offensive bonanza on MNF (plus some defense)

Look forward to the impending matchup on Monday night it is blindingly obvious that both teams have offenses that can light up a scoreboard. Equally important is to realize that both also have defenses that can be big-play defenses, so lets venture down the predictive yellow brick road all through the land of all that is unholy (the superdome) and attempt to see what will be at the end of the tunnel.

Hello Patrick Robinson, meet your father, Julio

In the first saints matchup, julio (due to injury if i remember correctly) was not able to be featured. He accounted for only 2 receptions for 9 yards, hardly an impact. However, that edition of the falcons offense does not exist anymore. The improved offense showcases Julio's speed and breakaway ability. Most of what Julio ran against the saints in the previous meetings were simple go routs or curls and one slant. Even before his injury last time out against Patrick Robinson, he showed the ability to completely demolish Robinson off the line of scrimmage. History dictates that Saints would rather double Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez and take chances with man coverage on Julio Jones. This will prove to be, in the early quarters of the game, the biggest flaw in Saints coverage. Look for Julio Jones to utilize double moves, crossing routes and a couple of end arounds to gain more than a 100 total yards before the half. Only when Julio scores his first TD in the game will the Saints roll coverage back over to him, and when they do...

He is Tony Gonzalez??

Yes, he in fact is Tony Gonzalez. This is the beauty of Julio Jones in full effect. Once the saints double Roddy White and Jones, this leaves Tony Gonzalez one on one with any number of saints LB's that will have the unfortunate task of covering him, and do i really need to explain what happens when Tony goes one on one? C'mon Man!

I Snell a PopQuizz coming!

For all those who complain about underutilization of the backfield committee, well here is your christmas present. Jason Snelling, and Jacquizz Rodgers will have a greater role because of the pass happy way in which we are going to attack the saints. Early on look for lots of power style runs to Snelling and toss and counter runs to Quizz. These runs early on will open up the door for those Mularkey-esque fake pitch rollout plays, and some end-around action, especially from the power set.

El aumento de la tiempocuchara (The Rise of Weatherspoon)

Sean Weatherspoon has quickly turned into a Pro-Bowl caliber LB. This will be a game where he become evident on a national stage. The Saints run screens better than anyone in this league, and to run those screens they use a bionic man known around the league as Darren Sproles. Spoon is not only extremely athletic but he also tends to read and diagnose plays extremely effectively. At first the Saints screen game will be in full effect gaining them good yardage, but once, perhaps as early as the second quarter, Spoon has seen the 7-8 looks they can run screen out of, the next screen they run, he will be right there to cause a turnover (fumble or INT).

So what does all this mean for the Falcons? Well, look for us to gain some serious bandwagoners after this weekend folks, not only because we will win but we will do it on both sides of the ball. The offense will be explosive, look for Matt Ryan & Co. to put up 30+ and the defense will be stifling giving up less than 24.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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