Falcons Progress Report

Through 8 long and interesting weeks we have seen an offensive shut out in Chicago, a one handed pick by our DT Corey Peters, Matt Ryan's ankle at a 90 degree angle and Julio Jones running a 80 yard dash fresh off of a hamstring injury. One word to summarize our season as of now would have to be inconsistent. Even with all the inconsistent play, the Falcons, as of late , have been on a roll and are currently on a 3 game winning streak. After the jump I will break down every position and their grade threw 8 games.

QB: B-

I think Matt Ryan deserves this because hes lacked consistency this year so far. Hes struggled with accuracy lately but I think its because he doesn't fully trust his offensive line as of yet.

Ryan is 168-276 60.9 comp. % 1,958 yards 12 TDs 9 INTs has been sacked 19 times with 3 fumbles

Ryan has already matched the amount of interceptions thrown and the amount of fumbles lost from last year.

RB: A-

I think the running games production is mainly based off of the offensive lines play so its tough to grade this postion accurately.

Michael Turner still has had a very productive season so far racking up 692 yards on 157 carries with just 1 fumble.Hes on pace to rushed for over 1380 yards and 300 carries.

Quizz and Snelling have come along well. I like how Quizz runs the ball and Snelling is a solid pass blocker and has nice hands.


I think this receiving core struggles to get open at times which results in a lot of check downs and a lot of sacks.

White and Gonzalez are combined for 82 catches and 917 yards. White is on pace for another 1,000 yards year with about 85 catches.

Julio Jones has 28 catches for 489 yards and hes missed 2 games. So far Jones has been worth every draft pick and showed us exactly why in the game against IND.

The rest of the corp has been invisible. The next 2 after Jones is Harry Douglas and Jason Snelling combing for 29 catches for 288 yards. 

O-Line: C+ 

Besides the inexperience and the injuries, the Offensive line has played better throughout  the last couple of weeks.

They get such a low grade simply because all of the sacks.

Will Svitek has stepping in for Baker and played well. Besides almost ruining our season by stepping on Ryans foot he has outplayed Baker and I wouldn't be surprised if he started even when Baker is fully healthy. 

D-Line: B+

Its hard to grade a defensive line because your first instinct is to look at stats and when you dont see a big number next to sacks you completely ignore the real production.

Theres no question that Edwards, Babineaux, Peters, and Abraham have applied plenty  pressure this year but the  real problem with this line is actually tackling the QB.


Lofton, Spoon? Those 2 names alone is enough said to describe how great our linebacker core is.

Curtis Lofton is 2nd in the NFL in tackles and it seems like he will remain in the top 5 for the remainder of the season.

Sean Weatherspoon is showing exactly why we drafted him last year and is clearly on his way to be one of the best outside linebackers this league has.

DB: C+

Once again it is tough grading this position because a lot of it depends on the pressure your D Line is producing. 

Regardless, I think our CBs are solid. Grimes and Robinson havent allowed to many big plays and have done a good job containing players like Desean Jackson, Greg Jennings, Steve Smith and Calvin Johnson.

Falcons are 3rd in the NFC in INTs with 11

Special Teams: A-

The longest Punt and Kickoff return was 36 yards and we havent allowed a TD on either. 

Matt Bosher started the season off shaky but now playing better now avg. 38.5 yards.

Matt Bryant hasnt missed a field goal in 30 years.

Weems is just solid, nothing to specail. His longest return so far is 37 yards on both punt and kickoff return.

Coaching: D

I think the offensive playing calling is predictable at times and our defensive scheme just isnt getting the job done.

Overall we have a solid coaching staff, I just think its time we start using all our weapons to their potential instead of holding them back. (example : JacQuizz Rodgers)


got all these stats from

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