Falcons family reunion

The fall from grace in the NFL. Everyone has to go through it and no one likes it. You go from a football star to a regular Jo schmo so to speak. This story depicts what happens in the 10th annual falcons reunion after the NFL.The year is 2021. Follow the story...if you dare.

It was a rainy night, raindrops pinging of his car. It was cold as ice outside, but the driver didn't mind it. The driver pulled up to a building with a banner on the front whipping in the wind where it read: Welcome falcons class of 2011. Matty Ice hopped out of his new multi million dollar car that was in the shape of a falcon and made completely out of ice. The doors open and a barrage of light blinds him and floods the front porch...

Matty ice: Mr. Mulakey is that you?

Mularkey: Iceman come in come in, would you like a drink?

Matty ice: Um ya sure.

Mularkey claps his hands 3 times. In seconds a door swings opens across the room as a large man with a plate of drinks appears.

Matty Ice: Mike.....turner?

Burner: I'm coming mr. mularkey its just gonna take me a second to get around the crowd but ill get across.

Mulakery: Non-sense just shoot through the middle, its a shorter path...stupid.

Burner then proceeds to walk through the middle as people knock the plate out of his hands.

Mularkey: *turning to Matty* don't worry usually works on the third try.

Matty Ice seeing enough slipped away from crazy old coot. He was determined to find his team-mates and talk about the once legendary falcons. He walked down a corridor and found a room where there were more falcons.

Snelling: Matty! What took you so long.

Matty: sorry my friend, i was off saving an endangered species of shrimp. So what are you up to these days snelling?

Snelling: Well i am a carpenter.....a astronaught, swat team, and a school teacher. I found out i am not great, but good at just about everything.

Matty Ice: Well good for you bud, wheres babinoux at i wanna see that crazy tank.

Just then a massive wall of flesh and muscle moves towards Ice extending his 200 pounds mass of an arm.

Matty Ice: John what have you been up to man? Military?Police? Body guard?

Babs: Naw man, Somebody started making jokes about me and some T shirts started being made, actually making me a lot of money.

Matty Ice: Thats weird, what kind of jokes?

Babs: Here's my favorite cuz its fact." When Jonathan Babinoux is doing push ups, he isnt pushing himself up, but pushing the world down".

Babs: so what are you doing now adays matty, i saw the car you got out of, and you got too much swagger to be say a blogger..............................................................................................................................................................................................

Do you want to know what matty  Ice is? Do you want to meet more of the retired falcons? Then Rec'd and comment please.


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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