Anti Awards, Week 11


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone

Let's Go Green

Let's Jump


Ten weeks down. Six weeks left to go.

Six more games. Right now, that six pack looks full....

This week, we'll just jump right into this.

Seriously folks, I'm rushing this one.



He's at his best right now and people are in love with him again, but he doesn't have me fooled.

During a recent gamestop visit, I sparked up some small chat with a young chap who happened to be a Cowboys fan. I asked him what how he felt having Romo as the QB.

"I like Tony. I think he's great!"

Those Cowboy fans, theyyyrrrreee Great!

And this young fan is setting himself up for predictable heartbreak.

As a Falcons fan, I don't know anything about predictable. I don't see predictable. What ever can you mean?

I mean this-

Tony, you should be on the hype award. You've been eyeing that since it came out. You are envious that it's not your picture on there, aren't you?

And then, there are quarterbacks who strive to be just like Tony. They don't talk about it, because they don't have to. Actions, as you've heard, speak louder than words.

One of Tony's followers just had a chance to see Tony live. That's right, Rex Grossman got a photograph with his idol, Romo.

They were able to pose in a picture together, along with an old Anti Award buddy of ours - JaMarcus Russell, who wants to be like Rex Grossman when he grows up.


Grossman, or Mega Gross Man?


You've moved on, away from Captain Tony. You're thinking about the Gamestop visit.

Which game did I get? Boy oh boy, got it right after the Falcons won... had my pre-order waiting patiently for me.

I know you'd love a hint, and not a hint of sarcasm:



Wake up!

It's time to save the world.

Or in Tim's case, the Dolphin Planet




Tebow has won, and Tebow will be done.

Especially when he plays our team next season. Many a games before that one, our young dolphin king will prove himself unworthy, and he'll have to travel back to his home planet for a recharge.

A recharge, that isn't quite enough.

Tebow, you win your award again, for the billionth time. The victory over the Jets doesn't fool me. But at least you won.

At least you'll be done. You'll go back to the Dolphin Planet. I know you will.

I've been right before, and I'll be right again.





1) 0-10 Colts

Last week: 1 

No loss this week- Colts were on their bye. They didn't need the time, as they already have the perfect losing strategy. I've decided that they should draft and keep Luck. Keep him under Peyton's wounded wing for a couple of seasons before letting him take flight. Then get Manning into Coaching? A win-win.

Oh wait, I forgot I had to make this a win-win-win in a winless season. Fire Caldwell. He won't seem to care anyways.


2) 2-8 Rams 

Last week: 2 

Tsk tsk... Stomped out by a division rival. The Rams think they're going to keep up the pace with the Colts. However, with six games left, and my master plan laid out for the Colts above, the Rams can kiss that number one pick goodbye. At least they'll still get a chance at someone pretty decent.


3) 2-8 Panthers

Last week: 4

Toe to Toe with the Lions, who love to engage in shootouts. Not impressed by this team, yet. Has anyone else realized that the Panthers are going to get some more good picks this upcoming draft? This team won't be on anybody's shit lists in the following years to come.


4) 2-8 Vikings

Last week: 5

Vikings are ready to lose to the Falcons this week. And I get to watch this with fellow Falcons fans. Atlanta natives, please don't take the mother land for granted. Get to games, watch with your friends. Oh, right- I was supposed to be talking about the Vikings. Well, fuck that. It's going to be all Falcons on Sunday. I'll save a turkey sandwich just for that game.


5) 3-7 Redskins

Last week: On the mud shores 

Grossman-led Redskins back on the Powerless Rankings. I think the Panthers and Vikings could beat this team. But, at the end of the season - wins matter the most. Jaguars can beat this team. Dolphins can beat this team. Cardinals can beat this team. Hell, even Buffalo could beat this team right now. Yea, I haven't forgotten about you Fitzpatrick.


At 3-7 each, The Mud Shores:

Cardinals, Jaguars, Dolphins







And down we go..................... What could be next?







Behind turkey and another Falcon victory is your 3rd favorite memory this week:


The Positive "Left Vs. Right" Award: Mail Order Medic

With all of the talk about injuries throughout the league, I thought I would take a moment out of my life to do the right thing. We'll have to send a nurse to assist those who need to be fixed, but will we need to mail two nurses? No, one of these nurses must stay here. I've got a bit of a pain in the gulliver...


Which nurse is kicking the other out of the door?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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