Breast Cancer Awareness, Week 4


Did you know October is more than just breast cancer awareness month? There has been another awareness going on that hasn't quite had enough... awareness raised. Why does the NFL only discuss breast cancer? Was an auction held for the two awarenesses to determine which awareness the NFL would raise awareness for?


Despicable you, NFL. 

This is where I have to intervene.



I'm going to raise some awareness for the other campaign right now. A little late, but awareness nonetheless.

Not only is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Did you know?

How many people have been beaten up this month? Where is the awareness for these victims, NFL? Nothing about the color purple anywhere. NFL, you sold the awareness package to the breast cancer foundation so that the color pink could be used as a marketing tool to bring in more female NFL fans, didn't you!? Admit it!

Here's a bright idea (another one- must be the 98th). This will get you more female viewers for sure... Why don't you make the cheerleaders wear less and show close ups of them instead of close ups of the players and coaches in between plays? Girls like girls too. Why discriminate against those poor girls? Jose Aces thinks more closeups of hot cheerleaders would be nice, so why don't you NFL?

Well, I just came up with another great idea on the fly. We can raise awareness for both of the awarenesses happening in October, beginning this October!!!

I've pulled together a preview of the market campaign... once I get a budget for said marketing campaign, I can get some girls together, dressed in pink and purple outfits.


(Warning, this is the 4th such warning, and may be the last for a while. Unless I decide to post random chicks for other random reasons, in which there will be another warning to let you know that there will be a couple of beatifully bodied and faced women. We all know what it's like to be caught with a woman on the screen. And online, they're everywhere. What are we supposed to do about it? That just popped up, I swear!)






Note- the ribbons in each marketing campaign piece really brings out the awareness












Well, to make a difference, visit the two foundations to make a direct donation. Don't say the players in pink and/or purple made a difference, because it didn't. I did. And so did these lovely ladies. You can hear them yearning for you... begging... please (insert your name here), make a difference for me!


Breast Cancer

Domestic Violence

Oh yea, and you can go and bid on the pink NFL shit, in case buying something your favorite player sweated in interests you. Of course, that purchase benefits breasts, and that justifies the pink jock strap hanging on the wall over your pillows.

After you've finished donating to whatever, you can go reward yourself by checking out next year's October preview again.


Couple those babes with a $100 watch-your-team-only package from any cable company, and we'll be golden. But seriously, why don't they do that? Don't they know they'll make more money? Just because you sell something for less, doesn't mean you can't make up for it by selling more packages. How many of you would buy a $100 package to watch the Falcons? I would buy it right after finishing my post up, and you would have bought it before reading my post. Come on direct garbage, where's my $100 package?


I'll leave you with one other question..


Why does Cookie Month and National Diabetes Month land in the same month? On top of that, It's October... millions of lucky kids are given bucketloads of free candy in what is easily every kid's favorite or 2nd favorite holiday (right before or after Christmas). What is going on out there?


Thanks for the support! You're all the breast! (It's also sarcastic month... how about a little sarcastic laugh with me?)





LET'S GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!



I hope I don't have to bust out the ice cream truck...

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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