Breast Cancer Awareness, Week 3

I hate internet explorer. I just finished typing up everything when... yup. IE happened.

Oh well, let me get started by throwing out a guess here.

I'm guessing Sir Dave saw the title, and thought "Another one?! Oh well... he has one week left, better just count on him to get it out of his system."

No Dave! This is going to be weekly for the rest of the year!


(note: pre-IE crashed post didn't start out anything like this... a blessing in disguise, or a smack on the forehead?)

Let's start over. I downloaded Google Chrome, and off I went...

I was using internet explorer because I am on my sister's laptop in my sister's house. IE was difficult enough, but then her little kitten started jumping on the keyboard. Then I settled the kitty kat down. Then I said I was going to deliver, to all of you, a different type of kitty kat. Then the kitten fell asleep on the keyboard, purring. Then I didn't have the heart to kick it off. Then I kicked it off anyways because I have other stuff to do besides write about my sister's new kitten violating my limited computer time today. Then I decided not to write the word 'then' in this post again.

Different idea this week for breast cancer awareness... I'm going to let the Falcons cheerleaders raise awareness this week. They probably do it better anyways.

As always, be careful when you scroll down. It's not my fault if you look like a creep, all hunched over your screen, drooling at cheerleaders. But, hey- if you do get caught, tell her to read into these posts. She'll love you more for caring more about her breasts than (that's than with an 'A', by the way) she initially thought. Give her a puppy-eyed look and tell her, "Baby honey doll, darling snookie-wookie, prettiest woman alive, I really want you to go get a mammogram. It's better to be safe, sugary sweetness, buttery cakes."

And it will be at the moment that I tear through the walls of your house and professionally search her for cancer, on your behalf of course. I like to help out. If you have a pretty sister who hasn't been checked out recently, just let me know. I'll handle those for her.

So, check out our Falcons Gals already!

And go make a donation to the breast cancer foundation while you're at it, you big perv!




















^hey... my ex kinda looked like this one.... Did she move to Atlanta without taking me? We could have worked it out baby doll! At least long enough for me to get my own place and some season tickets!







^^^ Hey! How did she sneak in here? She's not a Falcons cheerleader! Oh well, YOU trying telling her and that outfit, "No means no!"





^^^ Hey, she's not a cheerleader for any team. Oh well... atleast she's (a) Showing her support for the Falcons with the colors she's wearing and (b) doing her best to raise breast awareness. I mean, (b) doing her best to raise breast cancer awareness.

She demands that you forgive me for not having photoshop this weekend!

And she demands that you stop using internet explorer!

And she demands the breast cancer awareness, week 4 post early!

"No Means No!"


Yea, YOU trying telling her no... well, gotta run. I promised this chick I would give her a free mammogram.


LET'S GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Season is not lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




P.s.... would anyone hate me for going a little, over-the-top, in criticizing Mularkey? I had a brilliant idea... 

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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