Hurray! It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

PLEASE NOTE- Rated PG-13 image of a girl is in this post. Be aware of your mother's whereabouts! Now, onto the actual post...


The only part of the title you saw was "Breast"

Admit it!

Either way, glad you can join me for a quick discussion. I'm going to write this for an audience I hope will try to be as open minded and honest as I am. Fact is, the truth hurts. But we must tell the truth every day in life, especially if it's the hard thing to do. Life isn't about taking the easy way out. I'm never one to avoid things that aren't necessarily politically correct. But that's because I'm honest! Political "correctness" means saying/doing things that don't upset people by using lies to cover up what you truly believe and or feel about anything. So, the term needs to be changed to "Political Incorrectness".

Political nonsense aside, it's October, and that means NFL teams everywhere will be forcing their players to pretend like they give a damn about breast cancer awareness month. Read that again and spot these key words- "forcing", "pretend". It's a fact that the players don't give a damn about the awareness month, except maybe one or two total.

It's upsetting to have to watch the Falcons and other teams dress their players with pink shoes and head bands with the false belief that NFL fans will be touched and will therefore be suddenly willing to open their wallets for the sake of saving lives. Nobody cares, NFL fans watch the NFL for the NFL.

If you do care, please make a donation by clicking anywhere in this sentence. That's a direct link to the National Breast Cancer Foundation's donation page. "Help Women Receive Mammograms" is a tagline. I just donated ten dollars. If everyone gave ten dollars, then the NFL wouldn't have to force fans to watch their favorite team make big plays while dressed in such an atrocious color. Pink being an atrocious color is my opinion of course. Tons of guys everywhere love to wear pink. Right on top of their skinney jeans. Just saying...

My grandmother survived breast cancer, and yet I still don't see how the NFL shoving pink gear down everyone's throat makes a difference. I'm leaving it up to you to let me know how you feel it makes a difference.

In the mean time, I created my own advertisement for breast cancer awareness month. To continue to be perfectly honest, I really think more football fans are more likely to donate if they spread this tasteless advertising campaign around. It's just the truth... sex sells.










And in this case, sex saves lives.


Please consider making a donation and visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation today! Don't you think this is more effective marketing of cancer awareness month? Those stupid "I Love Boobies" bracelets are about as purposeless as pink shoes, but this advertisement campaign I'm starting up is awesome.



And, yes, the truth about "sex sells" can be upsetting to some. Hey, at least I'm using sex in a good way. After all, should we all pretend people don't engage in those activities constantly?

This Sunday you'll see Falcons players trimmed in pink. Great right?

Let's go Falcons... Let's get it to 2-2 and build from there.


<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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