Best Case Scenario vs Seahawks

Preamble: This week my good friend, colleague, partner in crime and fellow Australian Falcons fan, Turner_The_Burner, was unable to find the time is out drinking and cannot write his half of our weekly segment, so I have stepped up while he is MIA. That's right everyone, your going to have to deal with two posts of my crappy humor this week. I blame Turner_The_Burner, I can only assume this will rock the very core of the Falcoholic... or not. I have taken the template of his last Best Case post and will be talking from his perspective, enjoy.


G’day Falcons fans, and welcome back to the weekly contribution I, in collaboration with fellow Aussie Falcons fan dunlagh, hope to be making to the Falcoholic. Each week I’ll outline what would constitute the best case for the Falcons this week, while dunlagh will handle doomsayer duty. Enjoy.

Right, so, the big story out of this week is that we aren't playing much better then the first two weeks. Our Offensive line has been leaky, our zone D has been soft and our discipline has been fairly poor to put it bluntly. THANK VISHNU we play the Seahawks, now we don't usually make the statements about the fact we are better then a certain team but out of our whole schedule this looks to be one of the easiest games we have and a great way to focus our whole team and get us on the right track. So this week, my best case scenario comes if we regain the 2010 form, O-Line gels together and our Offense lights it up.


Regain the 2010 form: One of my main concerns about this year is how different they play to the last years team. Our turnover differential is -2, our Time of possession is more then 5 minutes less then our opponents, our O-line looks like Swiss cheese, our running game has been less then featured and our special teams have been problematic. The worst case covers the special teams mainly Bosher (Which I fear will be a constant factor in our worst case). However we have been, uncharacteristic to say the least this year which stems mainly from our O-line (which will be covered in more depth below. With so much pressure in Ryan's face Matty Ice has definitely rushed some throws, made some bad decisions and been drilled by linebackers so hard that this euphemism just became disturbing. With some extra time on passing plays, Ryan can hopefully return to his surgeon like approach to his game cutting and slicing up defenses (It would also help his stats if Roddy stopped dropping balls, seriously bro). With better passing means we can soak up more clock and have some of those 10+ minute drives that killed opposing defenses last year, which in turn would open it up for the running game so we can regularly bang it down their throats for a bit more success, just how MM likes it. The last point is discipline, this is more then the O-line (Corey Peters) however they aren't helping either, we need to start playing like last years team and fast.


O-line gels together: The last 3 weeks haven't been wonderful in terms of the O-Line, showing us just how important Dahl was to our franchise. Now McClure is back for his second game, where we can hope he will only improve the line. The wall of 300+ pound bearded giants have been a beacon of consistency for many years now however there fierce demeanor has been cracked and they have now looked significantly less impressive week to week. What is considered the most under appreciated position in American Football, the Offensive Line is extremely important. Teams have gotten away in the past with a poor pass rush, or an average running game. However if your O-line isn't playing well it can quickly topple your entire offense, quicker then you can say Pol Pot (for the record I can say Pol Pot very fast). Lack of time for your QB results in more turnovers, more three and outs and less ability for your running game to develop. Give your QB time however (especially one like Ryan) and they can kill defenses, soak up the clock, score points and open up the running game too. The line is going to be the determining factor of our success this year and if they can't step it up now, then Ryan might have to wear some extra padding.


Our Offense lights it up: JJ has been great for us, I cannot stress that enough. Sure he hasn't scored a TD yet but that is an issue with the whole offense not him. Regardless he adds that explosiveness that we have been needing to see for the last few years. In terms of production he is right up there with Tony G in catches and with Roddy in yards. Julio Jones, thank you and congratulations for being the best rookie WR in terms of yards. Now Turner has been great besides lasts week game however highly under used and Tony G is brilliant and proves exactly why he is such an amazing TE. Roddy on the other hand, needs to seriously step it up. His game last week was solid statistically (9 receptions for 140 yards) however he had 3 significant drops, two in clutch moments, one resulting in an INT. He is no doubt one of the premier receivers of the game today but he needs to regain that 2010 form. Rodgers will have an expanded role this week which is exciting and could really help him break into the offense. Other players like HD, Snelling and any other receivers on the team haven't done very much. Side note: Turner has caught 4 passes for 72 yards, to gain the role as most explosive offensive receiver (sorry JJ). Our offense has been a bit lackluster in these initial games with just 343.0 yards per game average for the year (the 19th best in the league).


That’s it for another week. After narrowly dropping the Bucs game, we could really use a game where we destroy our opposition, sorry Seattle. This game lies in the hands of the Falcons and its their game to lose, we don't need everything to come together but Vishnu it would be ice. Be sure to check out dunlagh’s Worst Case article here, and discuss below. Go Falcons!

Postamble: So other then the scary euphemisms and generally depressing nature of this post I think it wasn't too bad. I am defiantly more adept at writing about how the Falcons could fall short and I think it kinda showed in this, whether it was because of the fact I have been 'Doomsayer Dunlagh' for too long or because I have some deep seeded personal issues, is irrelevant but I think we can agree that it doesn't matter too much. Its all just a bit of fun.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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