Possible Draft Ideas

I've been thinking what position the Falcons should draft in the upcoming draft. And it struck me that there is no position that is a glaring weakness. We obviously need improvement in some positions but nothing really struck me as 1st round draft pick worthy.

So because we have a week that we don't need to worry about who we are going to play and how they may/may not beat us. I figured why not look at the draft seeing as the 1st set of mock drafts have come out. So I'm going to look at the positions and see if we need to draft for them.

Ok 1st off QB and Special teams I wont disect for obvious reasons

RB - Maybe a fast option that doesnt get hurt as often as Norwood. I think maybe a 4th round or later would be ok.

WR - Maybe a replacement for Finneran if he does leave but with Meier and Douglas healing, White playing at the top of his game and Jenkins being very solid I can't see why we should try and add in another reciever that isn't more then a 3rd or 4th option. So maybe a 3rd round pick at earliest in my oppinion.

TE - I don't think we need to worry about a TE at the moment unless Tony G leaves. Even if that happens Peelle is solid and Palmer has played solid in limited minutes. I wouldn't use an pick before round 5 on a TE.

O-Line - Now other then the early season issues with Baker I can't say I know how the O-line is truely doing. They all seem like they did fairly well helping Turner to become the 3rd best rusher in the NFL and they were 3rd last in the league in Sacks allowed with only 23. They seem very solid and other then the occasional mistake they seem very good at what they do. Maybe a 2nd or 3rd round pick as a back up... maybe.

CB - Now Robinson and Grimes have been amazing and in my mind they are the starters for the next few years easily. However the Nickle corner spot has been contested this season with Williams and Owens and so a later draft pick could come in as possible competition, but once again I dont see why we would use anything before the 4th round on a CB.

Saftey - Ill classify them together for now. If Coleman leaves then I could see us drafting as high as the 2nd round to pick up his replacement, hopefully try and snag a Jarius Byrd or a Earl Thomas type ball hawking player to compliment C4 Moore's ball hawking skills.

DE - This is one position I wouldn't be suprised if we used a first round pick on. There were some good DE's that slipped into the later rounds that have been quite productive this year most notably Carlos Dunlap who is 2nd in rookie sacks with 9.5. If we could get a solid pass rusher like him then he could become a goor replacement for Abraham when he leaves. So a possible 1st round but more likely a 2nd round in my oppinion.

DT - This was a position that was suggested by a Mock Draft I saw. However I think this is one of our stronger positions on the field as we are very deep in DT. I like the rotation between Babineaux, Jerry, Walker, Peters and Anderson. Which also leaves Trey Lewis as a replacement if any fall to injury, note that Jerry is still recovering from a season ending injury last year and should improve next year. A late draft would be all thats necessary such as a 5th or 6th draft pick.

LB - This covers all linebackers. Now Weatherspoon and Nicholas are a great rotation and they shouldn't be touched. Lofton is the Police and you can't run from the Police but if you take away the Police chaos ensues so Lofton must stay put. Mike Peterson should keep his starting job till he hangs up his boots but at age 34 that might not be too far away and so a replacement for him might be nice. Other then that it would just be reinforcing our backups. So maybe a 4th round pick as a soon to be Mike Peterson replacement.


That should cover every position and my oppinions on it all. What are your thoughts on where the Falcons should draft? Also I didn't mention any candidates for drafting so if you know any players that you think would fit into the Falcons scheme also tell us.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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