Jim Zorn for Quarterback coach?

First Fan posting, please be gentle.....

So, with Bill Musgrave leaving the Falcons, openings for QB coach and Assistant Head coach are there for the taking.

What about Jim Zorn?

Assistant Head Coach

He does have experience as a head coach. It was in dysfunctional Washington, so do we hold that against him or pity him?

He has passion and fire on the sidelines. Almost the same as Mr. Smith, but without the red face. Does he have the know-how to be an assistant head coach? I questioned the call by Washington to make him the head coach, but he did well for a while and I was really suprised. Of course, the wheels came off and a Redskin spiral ended his days there.

Would he get along with Mike Smith and crew? I think he would. He took all the blame for the Redskin's failures and did not go off the deep end when their front office took his power away from him before they fired him. He has class and so does Mike Smith.

Would he make a good assistant head coach for Atlanta?


QB Coach

I really loved the Seahawks back in the day. Zorn to Largent. Excitement presonified. If they only had anyone else on the team that could help out a little, they would have been contenders. Can Jim Zorn transfer that to another QB? Matt Hasslebeck did pretty damn good with him as a teacher.....

First question, does Ryan need a QB coach? I think he still does. He has some points that need to be worked out and someone to look over his shoulder as he does things. QB in this league is tough as hell to master. I think Ryan can do it, but he needs some time and guidance.

Jim Zorn's passing style would never have been considered 'dink and dunk', so would he fit in Atlanta as the QB coach. I think he would be able to open Matt Ryan's game up, but would he be allowed to in this system? Would he be able to work with MM?

Jim Zorn for a QB coach and mentor for Matt Ryan? Would this work for you?

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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