Defensive Snap Count Versus Arizona

I'm late getting this put together, so there's no witty commentary from Dave.  I have only one player making it onto the field for every Defensive Snap - Brent Grimes.  Copious amounts of garbage time will do that.  William Moore got the start at SS with Erik Coleman out injured, and Trey Lewis was a surprise inactive at DT with Jonathan Babineaux back from suspension.  One note is that the Box Score lists 48 plays for the Cardinals, while I only have 47 Defensive Snaps.  There was one (non-)play that was erased by Penalty, so hopefully that's the difference.  Totals after the jump.

Defensive Line

Kroy Biermann and John Abraham each logged 31 Snaps, roughly twice the totals of their backups (JA98 had 15, Chauncey had 14).  Lawrence Sidbury came in for 3 Snaps when Coach Smith emptied the bench in the 4th Quarter.

Jonathan Babineaux was a fixture at one DT spot with 39 Snaps (83%).  The other spot was evenly split between Corey Peters and Peria Jerry, with 19 plays each.  It's interesting to me that Jerry has been on the bench for the first series each of these first two games (Vance Walker Week 1, Peters Week 2) even though he's listed as the Starter on the Depth Chart.  Of course, Peters is listed as 3rd String even though he has the most snaps of any DT through the first 2 games.  Vance Walker got 7 Snaps in the First Half, but didn't come on the field in the Second Half.  Jamaal Anderson chipped in with 5 Snaps at DT.  He's still a DE first, guys - exactly two-thirds of his snaps have come on the outside so far this season.


Same story as last week: Lofton and Weatherspoon would have been on the field every snap if it wasn't such a blowout.  They were given the rest of the day off when Max Hall came in at QB for the last 2 series (only 3 Snaps).  Peterson got 9 and Nicholas got 8.  Heck, even Coy Wire got in there for those last 3 plays.

Defensive Backs

The reason Peterson's snap count was so low was because we spent most of the game in the Nickle (38 plays total).  As I said in the intro, Grimes was the only player in for all 47 Defensive Snaps.  Dunta Robinson (44) was out for the last 2 series, with Dominique Franks taking his place on the outside.  Same story with Thomas DeCoud at FS - he gave way to Shann Schillinger for those last 3 plays.  Willliam Moore (45) was actually out there at the end, but he came off the field the last 2 plays of the First Half, with Brian Finneran told to "go be tall" on those 2 half-hearted Hail Mary attempts.

Christopher Owens started as the Nickle DB (and I mean Started - we came out in the Nickle package from the very first play).  He got 9 Snaps before coming off injured.  Brian Williams came on early in the 2nd Quarter for Owens, totalled 29 Snaps, and generally looked pretty good.  It was interesting to me that he stayed positioned in the slot, even after Franks came in for Dunta.


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