Week 3 Picks

Cin @ Car

Apparently I overrated Carolina's offense.  The defense must have gotten tired against Tampa

The Bengals have more proven weapons on offense, yet still have lapses and struggle to score in the redzone.  I think this game is low scoring at first.  And unless Clausen provides and equal or greater offensive threat for the Panthers, I only give Carolina a chance to win, but for now, I'll say the Bengals will win.



Buf @ NE I need to talk about this matchup?

New England Wins 27-7



Alex Smith looked good in the final Drive against the Saints, can he keep it up on a short week on the road against a better defense?  Maybe... 

The talented Cheifs have looked well enough to go 2-0.  I say this game is ultimately a toss up and goes to overtime. 

I say the Niners somehow pull an ugly win out of this, but I could be wrong of course...maybe the Cheifs go 3-0 and Niners go 0-3, and even if that happens the Niners could still win the division!

Niners 17 Cheifs 14...or something like that...I don't really know.


Ten @ NYG  The Titans experienced a reversal of what we felt.  High on a win, and a disspointing crushing defeat to the Steelers.

The Giants proved, that there defense is still a work in progress, and gives it up.  I'm sure an offense that scored 38 points against the Raiders will exploit that. 

But I say the Giants find a way to bounce bad after a primetime embarassment and are determined to beat a quality team.  Again I give the Titans a chance

Giants 23 Titans 20


Cle @ Bal

Again this is a no brainer

Baltimore 26 Cleveland 6


Pit @ TB

On Bucs Nation there are mixed reviews about the sudden success of their team.  Some are realistic, while others think they can beat the Steelers.  Do you really think they can beat the Steelers?

One thing for sure, this will tell us how good the Bucs really are, but until then...

Steelers 17 Bucs 10 (if the Steelers score's because of the defense or special teams scoring on a bucs miscue on offense)


Atl @ NO


Det @ Min  Apparently Detroit's defense is still suspect.  We saw that Minnesota's offense is in shambles.  Detroit was so close in winning games, but came up empty.  They got to be licking their chops for this one.

I think however Minnesota's Defense is what wins the game for them here.  They neutralize Jahid Best a bit and exploit the offensive line of the the Lions.  Farve is working on his receivers and Detroit is the perfect solution for that.  Barring a late surge I say the Vikings get their first win. 24-14


Dal @ Hou

This should be a high scoring affair.  I think Jason Garrett for one week will try to run the ball before going back to his pass happy style and will stay competitive with Houston who gives up points like crazy.  If Jay Culter threw no INT's and 3 TD's I think, against the Cowboys on the road, then you should start Matt Schaub in your fantasy.  That should open up the run game for Arian Foster.

Cowboys 23 Texans 33


Phi @ Jax

It seems like leaving the Falcons was the best thing for Michael Vick, this guy is on fire.  I wish he played like this when he was here, but whatever.  The Eagles can score. and they can force themselves to have to score too, they give it up like the Texans too.  I think Jacksonville can score too.  They have receivers to matchup with that eagle secondary and MJDshould have a good game too.

However with Vick, I'd have to go with the Eagles to win.  Jacksonville doesn't offer much playmaking to make a difference on offense, defense or special teams.  I mean outside of MJD, who scares you.  Unless they find a way to win like they did against Denver...

Eagles 31 Jacksonville 24


Wsh @ Stl

I would love to pick St Louis to win at home.  But unless the Rams Defense can hold the Redskins to 14 or less points and can score more against the Redskins defense (that did give up 27 points - mostly late in the game).  The Redskins should win big.  Maybe next week the Rams get their first win.

Redskins 28 Rams 17


Ind @ Den

This should be interesting.  The Broncos used to like to run, but I think they throw it more now.  That plays into the Colts hands

Ind 31 Denver 20


Oak @ Arz

Both of these teams looked sloppy in each of the first two games and somehow managed to go .500.

Who's going to survive the orgy of penalities in this game?

The Raaaaaaidersssssssss!

Why?  Because they have a comparable defense that can rush the passer and stop the run on Derek Anderson.  Also they are starting Raider favorite Bradkowski.  Unless he gets hurt.  I think the Raiders have a good day.  They also play better on the road than at times.  And have one impressive home win.

Oakland 21 Arizona 16

SD @ Sea

I don't know what to make of the Seahawks.  They won against a lapsing Niner team but got blown out by the Broncos.  The Chargers are more reliable...somewhat, but they don't choke until later.  I have no idea, so I'm going to guess...   SD 38 Sea 17

NYJ @ Mia  The Jets proved me wrong and beat the Pats again at home.  Looks like they made adjustments and exploited the Patriots.  They put the ball in Mark Sanchez's hands and won big.

However that's just what the Dolphins want the Jets to do.  There is something about the Dolphins this year, that you don't want to mess with.  They win ugly.  I think their defense is underatted and oportunistic.  They swept the Jets last year, and with their improvements, I think this year is no different.

Jets 16 Dolphins 23


GB @ Chi

Another interesting matchup. INT's on the road against a Dallas Defense?

Maybe Mike Martz has done something special with him.

But Green Bay can score, and I hear Clay Matthews is insane.

It's going to be close, but I think Green Bay is just better overall

Packers 26 Bears 20


I don't feel as good with my picks as last week.  These games are too close for comfort.

Let's see how I do.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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