the new shape of the NFC South 2010 version



How are you feeling about your falcons now????

Who's the Master of the South???

Well it's actually to be determined

Week 1 is aberattion week, but week 2 is Reality Check week to clear out some of the freak surprises that week 1 causes.

The Saints barely won against the Niners, and it's hard to say what they are really like so far.  But they don't seem to have the explosive domination they had this time last year.  They just lost Reggie Bush for who knows how long.  But at least the Saints have resilence.  However if they don't improve, this COULD catch up with them.  I think the classic 1st to 3rd is the Saints fate this year.

Carolina...apparently I've overrated them.  They can't seem to score.  Maybe the Giants Defense isn't that good as they lost to the Colts by a lot of points and the Panthers scored 18.  This past week at home against Tampa, barely scored 7.  Unless Clausen opens up the offense to help the defense, they will likely lose to the Red Zone Challenged Bengals this weekend at home.  Too bad for Matt Moore, maybe he is the new Jake Delhomme (the bad one).  But there is good news for Carolina.  At this rate they will likely finish in 4th place which will make their 2011 season pretty pleasant

That's where Tampa comes in.  I guess their defense is that much better.  They finished in last place, so you know they are going to the playoffs this year, maybe even win the division.  They had a good draft and Freeman quietly is looking like a solid QB.  A taller Dennis Dixon..

We all know about our Atlanta Falcons.  A dull offense showing (in terms of points) in Pittsburgh, but after the Tennessee game we can probably see why.  Pittsburgh defense is no joke.  Then like Tennessee did against the Raiders in Week 1, the Falcons scored 41 in week 2, and could have scored more if we wanted to.  So apparently we CAN score!  But that's only half the story.  Our strength seems to be our new and improved defense.  A defense that's still young and developing just like Weems and Douglas as our receivers and Snelling the new Turner (and Turner isn't too bad either but can rest and heal up more).

Basically is seems after Reality Check Week 2, this division is more likely to be a battle between the Falcons and the Bucs, not Falcons and Saints.  But I'm sure until the Saints have a losing record in any 4-5 week span while the Bucs do the opposite, the Saints will try to be in the mix too. 

Next weeks Saints match is still big and huge as week 10 for the Ravens.  But so may be week 9 and 13 against Tampa.

<em>This FanPost was written by one of The Falcoholic's talented readers. It does not necessarily reflect the views of The Falcoholic.</em>

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